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Pace Whistler (TDC770D) Release notes thread

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Default Pace TDC770D (a.k.a. Whistler) Release Notes Thread. My goal for this thread is make it a repository of release note summaries for Pace TDC770D (a.k.a. Whistler) firmware releases.

I'd appreciate it if no questions were asked on this thread so that release note details can be quickly located. General Whistler questions, or specific questions about releases can be posted on the main Whistler thread.
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13.93 Release Notes

Disclaimer: These are highlights from the release notes with issues that are relevant to Digital Home users.

Fixes in this release:

N/A. Initial release.

Known issues in this release:

  1. There may be some visual corruption with closed captions.
  2. Message indicator may be on when in standby when no message exists.
  3. Transport bar in Music Choice may be inaccurate during trick modes.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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