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Have spent a few hours watching the new Oprah Winfrey Network which signed on New Year' Day. So far very little has any great appeal for us and the cycle of repeats is very short, allthough it is to change when more of the regular programing appears later this year. As you are aware it is not seen by industry insiders as a big threat or an audience winner. It will probably do better when O provides new programing but most of it will be classic old Oprah shows after her syndication ends. We currently are viewing Cable from Bright House in the Tampa, Florida area.
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The Oprah network has now hit home screens. Quite an ad campaign on the Sympatico web site for TV. Canada's national newspaper has allready determined that the channel is booooooring......also would agree.
Okay Mysterious Ways seriously needs to be put to rest! It shows up all over on different channels. Just hops from one channel to the next.
I haven't really had a chance to give OWN a fully rating yet, but atleast it appears they're going 16:9 for their SD feed, which pleases me.

They're also displaying their "OWN" logo bug minimally, which I'm sure pleases many people as well, though I don't really care as long as the logo is appealing in design (as is the OWN logo, and as it NOT "the Cave" logo) and it's not over-sized (as also is "the Cave" logo).
the lisa ling OWN show looks kind of interesting but it seems like it is not airing up here
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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