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Outdoor TV - Plasma or LCD?

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I have a TV mounted in my Pool Cabana with an articulating arm that can be extended out so that the TV can be watched from the pool area. I currently am using a 37" LCD TV but I am considering replacing this TV with a larger one.

Would there be any particular reason that a plasma would be better than an LCD in this application?

Dell has some LG plasmas that might work, assuming that a plasma makes sense outdoors.
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Reflection off the glass of a Plasma TV might be an issue outdoors. Most LCDs will have a matte panel. Plasma's are often known for having very good blacks, where LCD's are known for being very bright. I would think very bright would win outdoors (as long as your LCD has a good viewing angle).
As much as I love plasma, I think LCD would work best in this situation - both major advatanges already pointed out by valen.
Thanks for the responses folks.
So I am about to dive in and get a new outdoor computer. Is there any advantage to using an LED LCD vs a non-LED LCD?
LED would probably be thinner, lighter and use less power.
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