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OTA: The Big Trees Factor

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tigerbangs said:
Stampeder: get that 4228 and the 1111 up on the roof and quit your stalling!
Oh the irony! Here I am cheering on OTA converts, yet I can't enjoy it myself the way I'd like to! I am chomping at the bit to get those up and running but actually I've now done 2 test placements on the roof and the results were really awful due to the tall trees. I can't seem to find a sweet spot anywhere in the yard after dragging around my CM4228 on its mast, with my LG tuner with a 13" TV in tow. Also 4DTV_HD offered to come by with his spectrum analyzer to see if we can find one but I doubt that we would so I don't want to waste his time. I had to put my ugly little satellite dishes up on a 10' pole in my vegetable garden just to see the BEV sats.

:( My only choices are

1) put up a 60' tower
2) chainsaw massacre (illegal - the trees are protected, and we love them too)
3) move
4) climb that big tall fir tree and put all the gear up there (not!)

We'll see, but I tell ya its frustating, like having a Jacuzzi with no water connection. ;)
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4228 antenna mount

I just read my family Stampeders post about nowhere to mount the antenna.
They voted for chopping down trees, but i like the 60ft tower idea.
And they were laughing at me for building a mini cn tower on my roof. OK, i might have overdid it a bit on the mast. It's only 12 ft and sits on the peak of the roof. I guess i could have put it at the back of the house rather than the front, but it was the shortest cable run, so it made perfect sense to me. The neighbours were all gathered accross the street, wondering what i was up to and how was i going to get that big thing up all by myself. It's amazing what you can rig up with a couple ropes. :p
Any takers on how a single line of deciduous trees 50 meters away would affect me? They are very tall, no possibility of getting above them. At least they are not conifers.

Is 50 meters so far that the effect is minimized?
I installed a setup recently in Burlington for a guy with trees about 1/2 km away.
Two DB-8 antennas with 7777 preamp on a 8 ft mast, tripod on peak of roof on a very tall house.
No matter how we treid, we could not get all buffalo stations at once. Fox just wasn't there.
Same day, Install one DB-8 with 7777 in Erin, north of halton hills. Perfect reception of all buf/tor/ham. No trees.
Same two DB8 & 7777 setup on very tall chimney in Mississaga with trees. I told them it wouldn't work well, but they wanted to go ahead anyway. Got all stations except for NBC & CBS.
Trees aren't quite as bad as brick walls, but close.
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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