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I got a CM4248 from V&E Antenna in Thornhill. I've got it mounted on my rooftop and I use a rotor to fine tune.
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ATSC tuner

Where can I buy a good ATSC receiver in GTA?
Is your television HD or non HD because that would make a difference the ATSC Tuner that you will buy. And the other question is do you plan on upgrading to an HD television sometime soon if you don't have one already?

You can also look at the thread OTA: On Line Canadian Parts, Sales

As well, look at the For,sell thread that worked out for me.

I have a Sony HD TV but it only has an NTSC tuner. I used to have Rogers digital box. Now, I just want to save money cause I dont really watch TV that much.

joattie, your best bet is to find an HD ATSC box that outputs over component cables or DVI since your Sony TV likely doesn't have an HDMI port (it probably has a DVI port, which is not necessarily the same).

You don't want a simple ATSC Converter box since it downgrades everything to old-style analogue format and screen size.
Good HDTV Antenna in Amherstburg

Hey Everyone,

I want to get a good antenna for my new 46" Sharp Aquos t.v. but am not sure what would be the best bet. I live in Amherstburg, ON which is about 25 km's southwest of Windsor. I am looking for something that can get me the DTV and HD stations from Detoit and Cleveland and would also like to get my FM radio stations. Any ideas or suggestions? Anyone know of a good dealer in the Windsor area or online? Thanks so much!
Welland installer?

Can anyone recommend an installer and/or retailer around Welland or the greater Niagara region?
Not sure about Welland but you could call Nutech in St. Catharines on Neilson. Ask Karim at Nutech if he knows a Welland installer and also if he still gives deals to DHC OTA Forum members. ;)

You could also call Skyway in St. Kitts and ask if they'll come down there or if they can recommend someone:

210 Bunting Rd
St Catharines ON
Phone: 905-685-8808
Will do, thanks muchly. You sure know a lot about the area for being in BC! :)
ZSS Clones in Toronto

just got a Phillips silver sensor (ZSS clone) yesterday. if anyone is still looking for one in the GTA, i got one from above all electronics across from Honest Ed's. I was informed by members of another forum that they only had a one time deal shipment thing happening but decided to at least take a look. they must've had at least 15/20 units. the guy was really nice too.
DB2 in GTA?

Do you guys know where can I buy the DB2 in the toronto area ?

Thanks !
RF variable attenuators & odd stuff

Although it is not just for OTA, another member just PM'd with an inquiry about where to buy a RF variable attenuator.
I found a little shop in the GTA that carries all kinds of old electronics and they had a bin of them there in July (2008):

AZ Electronics
1750 Steeles Ave. W
Unit 14

Just W of Dufferin, north side of Steeles
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Does anyone have any ideas where to buy a ZSS clone of any kind in the Ottawa area?
Channel Master gear near Niagara Falls?

Does anyone know where to buy channel master products in or close to Niagara Falls New York? I've looked but can't seem to find them anywhere.
>>channel master products in or close to Niagara Falls New York?

Is Lockport NY close enough ?

R W Antenna Service Incorporated
6336 Robinson Rd
Lockport, NY 14094
Phone: (716) 433-0805
is always selling channel master stuff on ebay
and if I was closer (I'm in london) I'd head there
I had msg'd this person before on ebay but they never responded back. I see the phone number now so i'll give them a call. Thanks for the info.

Okay, I'm a Newbie at this.

I'm a civil/structural guy who has spent over 20 years in the tower industry. That being said, I know my steel, but not so much about the electronic side of the industry.

After 16 years of enduring rabbit ears here at Winston Churchill/403, we are making the move to HDTV with a couple of Channel Master antennas.

I plan on mounting a CM4228 to Buffalo and a 4221 to the CN Tower (ordered both of them from the Channel Master website and delivered to my door no problem). Both of the antennas come with baluns, but no pigtail. I plan on getting some RG-11 cables to create about 24" of pigtail off of each balun into a combiner I picked up at The Source. I would put the whole shebang into a weatherproof PVC box and run one RG-11 cable into my basement where I will split the signals to my analogue and HD TV's. I plan on mounting the antennas onto a Wade peaked roof mount assembly with guy wires.

To the experts on this board, does this sound feasible for a clear picture?
One of my concerns is the combiner. Are there good combiners to use?:confused:

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Hi Tower,

Combining two antenna's is tricky business - and you really have to know what you're doing. There are calculations required to determine spacing between antenna's. You have to have exactly the same length of cable between the two antenna's to the combiner. (Easy enough to do - but don't assume pre-packaged cables are exactly the same so you'll probably want to make your own cables.)

Then you'll need filters and channel traps...

From my research, the results are not guaranteed - other folks here will chime in.

However - I'm at 3rd line and Rebecca and had no problem with my 4221 getting both Buffalo and Toronto. I pointed one of the side lobes towards Grand Island and optimized signal strenth from there - and even though it is a bit weak with a CM 7788 Pre-Amplifier I get great reception.

The front (much more stronger lobe) ends up pointing to the middle of Lake Ontario from my location - but enough of it gets the CN Tower....

From your more easterly location - and being further north - I believe your angle between the two transmitting sites might be even more suitable using this strategy...

Much less complicated... and less expensive...
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Thanks Rob,

I was considering your option. During the Olympics, I hooked up my 4228 to some coax sitting around my house and connected it to my analogue TV's one at a time. I hung it on my children's play fort, shooting directly into my neighbour's fence and I still picked up a clearer analogue signal from WUTV, CBC channel 5 and clarity on CHCH like I've never seen before! This all while shooting over the lake.

I asked a friend of mine who is also a broadcast Engineer and he suggested the combining. Ideally, I'd like to try it your way and avoid the need for a rotor if at all possible.

In case my idea does not work, do you recommend any filters/channel traps?
Is a CM7788 preamp easy to come by? Should I order one of those from Channel Master as well? Or would you recommend a different preamp?
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The 4228 is more directional than the 4221 - so I'm not sure if it would be as good a choice for catching two sources. The 4221 has less front gain but better side gain - which is why it worked for me. Rotor was out for me too!

I do wireless microphone (UHF) system design for broadcasters and use flitered antenna combiners all the time - but in pro applications with professional components. I have little experience with the consumer UHF/TV devices out in the market - however there are folks here who can help you - guranteed. BUT, this is not the best forum for this question though - its for purchasing/vendor discussions. You might also want to PM Stampeder... he's personally tested a lot of this stuff...

need someone to rerun rotor wire in Brampton


a few years ago I had a cm4228 installed on a 40' tower in my backyard with a rotor. Last year sometime the rotor stopped functioning (the remote console still powers but doesn't turn the rotor). I had a look at the wire that feeds from the remote console to the rotor and the copper wire inside is completely corroded. I guess all the snow and ice and rain got to the wire and corroded it. Does anyone know an installer in the Brampton area that could rerun the wire for me up the tower to the rotor (for a reasonable price obviously)?

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