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OTA NETWORK Status: GlobalTV

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This thread carries on from the previous

Global Network DTV Transition Status

thread, which is now closed.
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by placing a Category 2 channel in the subchannel
I don't think you'll see this. Those specialty channels are licensed for carriage only via cable / sat services. Applications to the CRTC would be required.

Besides, aside from advertising, there's no other revenue stream easily obtained via OTA.

Wow, I think this is my first Canadian sub channel!
My guess: I think it is for marketing purpose, not for regular programing,..I'd doubt that Shaw will use this for any new program content other than something that would solely benefit Shaw and Shaw viewers. This SD41.2 may be in the process of being setup for use by Shaw as a Shaw Cable Preview channel to give Shaw subscribers info regarding Shaw cable programing schedules and to promote upgrade cable packages.
Global TO off air

This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks that Global Toronto has been what seems to be off the air between 9 & 11 pm on a Friday night.

I know it was not my TV or my ZAT box as I was able to get all the other local channels.

As of about 2 am it is off the air. What is going on with them?:confused:
Reception has been very spotty for Global in Toronto this morning. Both 41.1 and 41.2 signals either don't show up at all in scans, or they show up but the signal is very weak and intermittent.

Too bad - I don't hunt at all, and fish only rarely, but their Saturday morning block of shows devoted to these activities has given me more insight to an interesting sub-culture.
My guess is the sub channel is a malfunction or a mistake and Global is trying to fix it.Receiving Global fine.
Well as of 9:15 AM EDT, both 41.1 and 41.2 are coming in fine now.
41.2 too

I noticed the 41.2 sub channel the other night. It was automatically picked up by my Samsung DTB-H260F, no rescan required. But neither of the 41.x channels have program info other than the notorious "DTV Program".

Grrr... Is it just my box or is Global not putting PSIP info over the air? Actually, several of the Canadian stations I get show either No Info or DTV Program. CBC, CHCH, Global, SRC are all that way. Not very useful...
Global TV isn't currently sending out EPG data via PSIP.

After waiting three weeks, I finally got a response back from Global regarding EPG and station issues with Stevenson and Paris.

The response was essentially a canned one, where they make no commitments...other to indicate that they plan to have EPG info offered in the near future.

Interestingly, Global indicates that using channel 6 in Paris was not their preferred choice for digital...but that it was the only channel available to them at the time of the digital transition. They also indicate that they applied for--and were granted--an increase in ERP for Stevenson.
Did they say how much of a power increase Stevenson will receive?
No more information on Stevenson, unfortunately. I tried a search on applications for this transmitter, and didn't see anything recent.
Global Ottawa subchannel now on 72.2

I noticed today that the Global SD subchannel is now on 72.2 in Ottawa at least on my CM7000PAL DVR which notified me of this new channel when I turned it on today. The TVs still see it on 6.2. I am beginning to think as was mentioned in an earlier post that this is all just a mistake and not an indication of them some day offering different programming on a subchannel.
Paris signal

For what it's worth, I just posted a complaint with Global about the poor signal strength of it's Paris transmitter.

It will probably fall on deaf ears but I had to try. Maybe my complaint will be the straw.
Quebec City

According to a message on the French boards, it took a complaint from Télé-Québec for Global to perk up and address some annoying PSIP issues, where the SD sub-channels in Quebec City was mislabelled (15.2 instead of 20.2) and uses the same main channel number as Télé-Québec. This has caused some TVs to fail to display Global's main HD channel. Others can't see any Global channels at all.
With this complaint, Global HQ has apparently ordered engineers to be dispatched to Quebec City post haste to correct the problem and stop Global from squatting on T-Q's channel number.
I hope someone pointed out Global Sherbrooke is also suffering from this issue.
I can see why they would jump on that, given they were stomping on the channel # of another station. I have a feeling it's going to take a large number of consumer complaints for them to do anything about the signal strength of any of their transmitters. Odd that they would spend the money on the digital equipment then disregard "real" signal coverage by severly underestimating power requirements. I'm less than 40 km from the station, have an outdoor UHF/VHF antenna and have a problem picking up any consistent signal from Global Paris. I shouldn't need deep fringe equipment to watch a station so close to me.

It's purely a power issue as I have no problems recieving the stations from London or Kitchener.
I'm located in the Ottawa region. Global has been unavailable to both of my TiVo PVRs this afternoon. It shows up as no signal. All of the other channels are coming in fine. I'm not certain as to what they are doing, but I hope they restore the station soon.
No Global on RF33 in Ottawa?

Just visited the "OTA en francais" forum and it looks as though SRC has applied to use RF33 in Ottawa!

I was really hoping that Global would have applied to use this channel considering the reception difficulties on RF6.
Is there a link to the CRTC application?
There is...

Here's a rough translation...

"This application is for a change from channel 9 to channel 33, and an increase in average effective radiated power from 1,800 watts to 282,000 watts (maximum effective radiated power from 3,500 watts to 480,000 watts). The HAAT (I'm pretty sure it's HAAT) has also been recalculated in light of the recalculation of the radiating centre by using more precise topographical values. This will change from 424.9 metres to 397.7 metres. Since the 1st of September, our post-transition CBOFT-DT broadcasts on the VHF band, on channel 9. Since this time, we have noticed a number of viewers who received the channel on its pre-transitional channel 22 are now having difficulties receiving Radio-Canada. The company has received a high number of complaints from viewers in the Ottawa region in this regard."

"Cette demande reflète un changement du canal 9 au canal 33, et une augmentation de la puissance apparente rayonnée moyenne de 1 800 watts à 282 000 watts (puissance apparente rayonnée maximale de 3 500 watts à 480 000 watts). La HEASM a aussi été recalculée en fonction du nouveau centre de radiation et en utilisant des donnés topographiques plus précises. Celle-ci passera de 424,9 mètres à 397,7 mètres.
Depuis le 1er septembre 2011, notre émetteur numérique post-transitoire CBOFT-DT diffuse sur la bande VHF, au canal 9. Depuis ce temps, nous avons remarqué que certains téléspectateurs qui recevaient convenablement le signal au canal 22 en période de transition éprouvent maintenant de la difficulté à obtenir une réception de qualité de Radio-Canada. La Société a reçu un nombre très élevé de plaintes de téléspectateurs de la région d'Ottawa en ce sens."
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The "funnier" part of this is... SRC Ottawa/Gatineau locks in at 100% all the time at my place and I have a hard time getting Global Ottawa.
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