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OTA NETWORK Status: GlobalTV

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This thread carries on from the previous

Global Network DTV Transition Status

thread, which is now closed.
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Dave, in the specific case of Global Ottawa, a little history, which will show why this channel six is worse than most other ch. 6 ATSC disasters:

CII-TV-6 was implemented back in 1974, when few people in Ottawa had UHF reception capabilities. The English market was basically CBC on 4 and CTV on 13, TVO on 24 with some people pulling in the Watertown CBS (and secondary NBC and ABC) affiliate WWNY on 7.

Cable had started in the mid-sixties, and most people who wanted more than 4 and 13 got hooked up to that, which offered Montreal stations, as well as Watertown CBS and PBS and Plattsburg NBC (still, no ABC affiliate until the CRTC permitted microwave delivery of distant signals in the late seventies).

In order to elbow its way into the Ontario TV market without upsetting local affiliates jealous of their local ad revenues, Global came up with the idea of a "regional" stations with no direct local presence, and no local ad sales. Except for Ottawa, not one transmitter was located in a major centre. Sarnia was served from Oil springs, London and Kitchener from Paris, Toronto from Uxbridge, Kingston and Pembroke barely from Bancroft.
(And Windsor was "unserved" by a transmitter in Cottam)

Eastern Ontario (east of Ottawa) was supposed to be served by a high-powered ch. 36 transmitter in the Glengary Highlands at Maxville.
Because that station would rimshot Montreal (and get mandatory cable carriage there) it was not approved.

In order to slip in a channel 6 transmitter to serve Ottawa, channel 6 had severe nulls toward short-spaced CBMT in Montreal and CJOH-TV-6 on Mount Carmel near Deseronto.

(According to TVfool, channel 6 is putting out as little as 70 watts towards now heavily-populated areas such as Orleans.)

That eastern null would have been served by Maxville had it been approved.

Analog reception in Ottawa with rabbit ears was always atrocious, mostly due to FM interference.

(Oh, and did I mention that channel 6 analog started off with 12 kW, not the 50 kw it ended up with?)

In the meantime, the FM band here in Ottawa has completely filled up -- we're even got second adjacents now. I think there are at least two FM stations below 90 MHz that share channel 6's antenna low down on the tower.

Shaw took over Global late in the transition game, so I expect the mandatory stations were all converted with the minimum of changes to existing equipment, so right now we're stuck with a combination of NTSC short-spacing-based equipment and faulty planning parameters.

My best guess is that, should Global do anything, they would apply for temporary permission to increase power (the channel 6 allotment in Montreal is vacant, and CJOH-TV-6, being an analog station, no longer enjoys protection - in any case, those in the interference zone would likely get CJOH-DT.)

In the longer term, I could see them applying for one of the two vacant UHF allotments (33 or 50), but I would bet on the recently freed-up-by-SunTV 33, because perhaps it could be accommodated on the existing TeleQuebec antenna on the Ryan Tower at Camp Fortune already carrying 30, 34, and 40. (The VHF-high allotments on 11 and 12 are both short-spaced.)

As part of Shaw's purchase of Global TV, one of their promised "tangible benefits" was to convert ALL of the Global stations to digital by 2016. I believe they may even have to report annually on their progress, so the public may have more leverage than usual getting this discussed at the CRTC level. (What's the point of serving the countryside from Bancroft if Ottawa residents in a mandatory market can't get Global OTA?)
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Oddly I get channel 2 from bancroft perfectly!
I am still waiting for an Email Response from Global, asked if they were at full power yet in Paris Ontario. (6.1).
It's worth a try but pretty sure with the trap I had worse signal before.
88.5 is very close to 88 MHz, so there's no way you can filter it without having some effect on Ch. 6. With analog signals, the effect would be to reduce the strength of the audio channel and perhaps affect the colour carrier, with some roll off of the higher frequencies of the luminance (brightness or B&W) signal. With digital, the roll off may affect the entire signal.
Global 41-1 reception

update Global returned at about 0930 - [Yesterday at approx 2330, Global appeared to go dark on both my TV's [separate antennas]. It is still out this AM. Rescan did not find it. Our location is highway 48 & Mount Albert road in york region. Does anyone else have this issue or notice that the signal strength reduced in there area? thnx]
Just a note for Global Ottawa. The FM trap on the 7777 is required, without it my signal cuts in half. I have contacted an engineer at Global again as I can now catch it I'm not sure yet if they did something or what though. I posted my results in the kanata results thread for those interested.
Still waiting ...........not sure they care about London.
I am still waiting for an Email Response from Global, asked if they were at full power yet in Paris Ontario. (6.1).
Jim, I highly encourage you to phone to get the status. Ask to speak to someone in engineering or master control. My experience is that nearly all broadcasters struggle to keep up with the volume of email.
Last time I called them I got thru in 5 minutes and they had answers too! Choose the prompt for reception issues.
CIII Channel 6 Paris

I'm experiencing an odd issue with this station on one tuner.

My CM7000Pal DVR intermittently loses the audio and video (goes to black screen), but still reports a carrier. Sometimes re-selecting the station restores it. I also notice a momentary hesitation whenever tuning this station.

The station seems fine on an Emerson monitor, and my Sony Bravia.

Anyone else notice this?
CIII Paris (CH6)

Jase88, I have not noticed the audio/video loss, but since the transition to digital, I have noticed a momentary hesitation when tuning to this channel every time (this is on my LG tv)
Mine too, but I just figured it was because I'm so far away and the signal is my weakest.
I wasn't having any luck contacting Global TV through their normal channels (email, telephone, website) regarding the station and PSIP issues. So I reached out to Sean O'Shea, and he responded immediately.

Sean promised to escalate the technical issues directly to Paul Thomas, the head of engineering at Global. I hope to have an update by Thursday.

The transmitter issues I'm referring to are the audio/video dropouts on channel 6 Paris and 22 Stevenson. I believe there are similar problems with channel 6 Ottawa.

I'll keep the forum posted.
Ty, Jase!
Does anyone know when we will see EPG data on Global Toronto?

I'd rather watch Canadian stations, but as it is I usually record from the Buffalo stations just because otherwise I don't have titles in my list of recorded programs! Adding EPG data is a simple way to attract more viewers for your advertisers...
I continue to be astounded by the extreme difficulty one encounters when attempting to communicate OTA issues with stations/networks. Unfortunately, Global is no exception.

My concerns were regarding signal issues with channel 6 Paris and 22 Stevenson. And the lack of PSIP EPG data. I intend to also raise the status of the Ottawa transmitter, and how it's current technical parameters are woefully inadequate for the Ottawa area.

After not receiving any responses from web form and voicemail messages, I reached out to Sean O'Shea at Global. Sean is an investigative reporter for Global who focuses on consumer rights.

Sean responded to me immediately and promised to follow up with Paul Thomas, head of engineering for Ontario at Global. Sean even provided me with his personal cell number, and invited me to contact him directly if my concerns were not addressed. Needless to say, I am very pleased with Sean's commitment to addressing these concerns.

While I've yet to hear back from Engineering at Global, Sean has indicated that he's been privy to internal emails which indicate they're actively investigating. I'll keep the forum updated on the progress.
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I decided to call the site phone number about Global Ottawa today. I was pleasantly surprised to get an understanding person on the line from Canadian Heritage. It sounds like specific discussions happened with the CRTC and CRTC doesn't want to police low emitting stations because it would cost too much.

The Canadian Heritage person did mention one interesting tidbit - there are Consumer associations that can push these issues forward. I don't know if I can post the link, but the link I was given was to Union des Consommateurs. I filled their online form about post-transition reception.
Just wanted to mention.

There are some posts in another thread, which I think might suggest a possible solution for receiving a troublesome Channel 6, with interfereing FM signals coming from the same direction. (ie. like the Global issue)

A specific channel 5 yagi - or something close to that design.

In thread:

Delhi 5y & 10y Channel Cut VHF Yagis - Saved From Oblivion For DIYers

Post # 111 by 300Ohm - characteristic graphs for the ch 5 yagi - showing the roll off in the FM.

Post # 115 - suggestion by myself

They have some graphs showing some characteristics for a Delhi specific cut channel 5 YAGI that look like an interesting possibility (to me) for a test.

Theory / Question / Possible Experiment:

Would a Delhi 5Y5s or 10Y5s, cut channel yagi for channel 5, or something close to that design, receive channel 6 well enough, and cut down FM at the same time - in order to better receive those troublesome Global signals on channel 6 ? ( ex. Ottawa and Paris?)

Use a channel 5 specific cut yagi, or something close that design, to receive channel 6, and at the same time cut down the interfereing FM from the same direction - based on the characteristic roll off of that sort of antenna, shown in the graphs, for the interfereing FM. (?)
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Subwoofer impact on channel 6 CIII-Ottawa

I made a huge discovery today. I had my subwoofer turned off due to some receiver testing. This morning I got Global CIII at SNR of 22, I thought it was unusually high since when I got it, it was not day time and it was barely making it, very marginal. I turn the sub back ON, and Global goes between 0 and marginal.

What i'm wondering is if the subwoofer interferes with channel 6 reception at my antenna, at my tuner(s) or both.

I really must have a marginal signal coming in to see a subwoofer interfere like this.
My TV has suddenly started picking up an SD version of Global on 6.2 (CIII-Ottawa) as well as the HD version on 6.1. When it is working that is, reception of Global for me today is not good with only about 15dB SNR which is borderline for my TVs tuner. Anyone else seeing the same thing either in Ottawa or on the other Global stations?
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