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OTA Clone, Coat Hanger, and Junk Antennas

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Please Don't Buy From Digi Wave Technologies (now called HomeVision Technology)

A company called Digi Wave technologies which I have learned has a lot of references around here has been found to be plagiarizing from the site of our OTA Forum moderators information site.

In some cases entire pages were cut and paste onto their site without permission or attribution.

Out of respect for Stampeder, we have banned the company's name from our site by using the censorship option because I do not wish anyone on this site to read about them and would allow them to profit from their stealing.

I encourage members who respect the great things Stampeder has done for OTA in this country and this forum to contact these people and give them hell.
hongtao Situ
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9


Administrative Contact:
situ, hongtao [email protected]
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9
+1.4166187488 Fax: +1.9055137488

Technical Contact:
situ, hongtao [email protected]
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9
+1.4166187488 Fax: +1.9055137488

Registrar of Record: MISK.COM
Record last updated on 2007-Apr-25.
Record expires on 2009-Aug-10.
Record created on 2004-Aug-10.

Domain servers in listed order:
EDIT: Please see Post #123 in this thread if you have not already done so.

EDIT September 23rd, 2011

This company is now called HomeVision Technology Inc.
50 Telson Rd. Markham.

It's products are still unwelcome
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redzone, Antra is just a marketing name for a variety of mostly FTA products brought over from China. There is an FTA dealer in Surrey BC that started bringing in the occasional Antra 4-bay bowtie OTA antenna but gave up due to the flimsiness and inadequate performance.

Yes it is a clone ,
I admit it is a clone. And you know what? I have had this thing running since early March up on my roof and it works great! Good height and a preamp and it is consistent. It has held up in these extreme weather conditions. Buy whatever you like, if it works use it! Where is channel master made anyways? Anybody know? Probably overseas! How many of you are buying channel master are buying domestic products? What do you drive ? Hope it is not an import. Just a thought.:cool:
It's not an "import vs domestic" argument. The channel master box says made in China right on it. Testing in the real world has shown clearly that the basic antenna designs are superior to the others being brought in under various names that you find at the local flea market for $30.

Now, some like you have had good results from the lesser models given their location and the signals they are looking for. You are among a smaller but very lucky group. But for many, purchasing the lesser brands just means in 3 months they want the better model anyhow. For another $30 more at the beginning, why wouldn't somebody go for the better product. In the end, it saves doing the job twice, and saves the $30 you spent on the lesser one the first time.

and what make is your pre-amp an eaglestar preamp too?

My experience is buy a $20 -$30 antenna and then buy a preamp at $100, when a good antenna you may have not needed the $100 preamp in the first place!

Or better still did an install for someone had 2 clones one for US and one for Canada, put up a 4221HD instead got them both with one antenna!

so an eaglestar antenna and known brand pre-amp great solution!

And yes some areas you can put up a coat hanger and do well, but in a tricky area you cant!

I guess its better for some vendors if everyone bought an eaglestar as sales in pre-amps would be on a rise!

Spend it right and perhaps spend once!
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backnblackgt said:
I have had this thing running since early March up on my roof and it works great
I've said the following many times in the past and I'll say it again: I am delighted when people get OTA reception that is satisfactory to them, even if it is with gear that I do not recommend. Glad you are happy with your Eaglestar antenna.

Another member recently wasn't: see Posts #588 and 589 in this thread:

People who want the best "bang for the buck" need only look at the Antenna Chart to see what works best.
backnblackgt said:
Where is channel master made anyways? Anybody know? Probably overseas!
I have no idea why you're mentioning that, but it is not what this thread is about.
Another name, same people, same bad habits

Oh brother, here we go again...

Please take note that D i g i w a v e is now marketing its products under the "Electronic Master" name.

See Post #1 in this thread to understand why this is important.

This does not surprise me in the least that they are trying to plagiarize and abuse Channel Master's good name and reputation. There are trademark laws against this sort of thing.

Don't be fooled! :mad:
I will repeat this.

Digi Wave are thieves who pirated from our site. This site is not interested in supporting their products.

If you wish to have support with this company's products, please contact them directly with your questions.
This digi crap is everywhere, almost every computer store sells these copy cat antennas all over here in mississauga with people buying them for 20-30 bucks, also now there is youtube videos promoting these antennas and there main store, and the youtube account of the person uploading the videos is D*********technologies. Thought you should know so you can write some posts.
More trademark infringement from that company: they've put out an antenna called... wait for it... could it be... yes, they stole the Channel Master model name "4228"!

Yep, still ripping people off. Nope, no originality or honour. I dare them to roll out a "Windows 7" line of antennas. :D
Another misuse of the Channel Master name

Uh-oh, somebody made a big mess on the Research Electronic web site (Waterloo, ON) when they advertised one of those complete garbage all-in-one antenna/rotor jobbies as a:

"Channel Master or better Outdoor Amplified HDTV Motorized Antenna (Mast & Pole are included) (ANT-HD5100)"... I'm still trying to parse the grammar in that description. :eek: :D

That company needs a time out, and I'm sure Channel Master's legal department will be very interested in what seems to be fraudulent marketing.

Thanks to our member simonizer for the tipoff. :)
I see a conspiracy of the cable and big tv companies here.....

They alllow crapy antennas to spawn un - checked across our nation and give people the wrong idea about ota ... until the market turns and everyone is forced to buy 30% compressed hdtv from the red and blue sumai wresling jugernauts of the broadcast industry :mad:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww :eek:
Abuse of saveandreplay's good name

An installer in Scarborough is spamming this site and even trying to post as someone else in order to try to get business here, even claiming that he is affiliated with when we have confirmed with Grace that he definitely is not. She in fact mentions that he has been a real pain to them. When in doubt, call saveandreplay or ask Tom.F.1, who is with saveandreplay.

I'm not passing along that spammer's company name here but everyone needs to keep in mind that there is a big difference between a DHC member recommending a good installer at our site and a business person trying to spam their way through our forums, especially under false pretenses. We have several people in the OTA installer business who are full members in good standing here because they follow the rules of the forum and they respect that this site is itself a small business. I do not hesitate to recommend them.

All that spammer had to do was write up an advertising contract with Hugh (the smartest thing an OTA shop can do) but no, he had to try the dirty way. :mad:
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I didn't know that that S&R even did installs. Do they install or just retail?
Their primary is retail, but they keep installers quite busy.
My god the Tech direct store has 100's of digi antennas all
over the store, they are 30 bucks for the 4 bays and now 8
bay models are 50 bucks, They even have this one retarded
looking antenna with two octagon bays saying 36 db gain (what)
and with a built in rotator and built in pre amplifier, but my area
is good for receiving Buffalo and toronto pointing a good antenna
at Buffalo. But these people are buying the digi antenna's and
pointing them only at Toronto not realizing that if you only want
Toronto stations, a indoor loop antenna pointed at Toronto would
do the job.
There are a bunch of those stores on Dixie and matheson that sell
tons of clone antenna's each time a different company using some
of channel masters model numbers like 4224HD or similar and
also now these stores are selling the channel master 4 bay antennas
and 8 bay for just 20 bucks more and couldn't believe that finally
They had the real deal but idiots are walking out with no name
8 bay clones thinking they are gonna get tons of HD when a 8 bay
is no good for the GTA because of beamwidth and that they are only
ranked for channels 21-69, so no fox 29 and it's sub. I told one guy
to get the channel master 4 bay because it's better and he said it says
only 45 miles on the box and the cheaper antenna clone said 55-70 miles
on it, I told him don't listen to the marketing distance, but he bought
the piece of you know what antenna. If channel master wrote a 100 miles
on there 4 bay they would sell way more of these antenna's and it's True
The south Buffalo channels are almost a 100 miles away and the CM4221HD
locks them in. Also it's funny how some of these clone antenna's say
38db gain on across all UHF spectrum Channels 2-69, then on the other
side of the box it say for channels 21-69. I hope someone can maybe model these
and see what the specs really are for this BS.
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Im willing to even buy maybe 2 random clones and model
them VS a channel master I just need to know what equiptment
I need and program for linux.
Fundamental Design Flaws seen in almost all Clone antennas

ontherooftop, there is already a huge amount of computer-modeled 4-bay bowtie reflector antennas out there so really it would not be a good use of your time to replicate that work. ;)

Something continues to confuse and irritate me about the various manufacturers of Clone antennas. To make an excellent antenna all any of them need to do is use the best of mclapp's M4 designs with solid, durable materials. Simple!

Unfortunately that has not been happening, so we end up with garbage clone antennas with fundamental design flaws often constructed of flimsy materials. Oh well, I hate to sound like I'm giving them good advice since I don't owe them a living.

If you want to get into computer modeling of antennas start at Post #1 of this thread:

Modeling Software for OTA Antenna Design & Creation
Not ALL clones are total BS.

I have a 4221 clone made by EagleStar (model 53-6305), and it's actually pretty good, locking in all channels. Even weaker WNYO and WNYB. Probably not as strong as a genuine 4221, but it works (at least for me). Of course I wasn't the one who bought the antenna :p

Recently I've had issues with WGRZ limited to below-zero temps, but in my specific area of Mississauga, I'm in a hole so I'm not the only one experiencing these issues, regardless of antenna.

There are other clones though, which are garbage and I wouldn't touch. I won't mention them here because most of you already know.

Simple logic: If it works, then there's no issue. (Though the EagleStar does have the questionable gain values and marketing that you mention....)
Stay away from the Antra (CM clones)

I've had both AT-MB04HD and AT-MB08HD (4-bay and 8-bay, respectively) and all are piece of craps.
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