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OTA Clone, Coat Hanger, and Junk Antennas

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Please Don't Buy From Digi Wave Technologies (now called HomeVision Technology)

A company called Digi Wave technologies which I have learned has a lot of references around here has been found to be plagiarizing from the site of our OTA Forum moderators information site.

In some cases entire pages were cut and paste onto their site without permission or attribution.

Out of respect for Stampeder, we have banned the company's name from our site by using the censorship option because I do not wish anyone on this site to read about them and would allow them to profit from their stealing.

I encourage members who respect the great things Stampeder has done for OTA in this country and this forum to contact these people and give them hell.
hongtao Situ
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9


Administrative Contact:
situ, hongtao [email protected]
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9
+1.4166187488 Fax: +1.9055137488

Technical Contact:
situ, hongtao [email protected]
91 Pepperell Crest
Markham, On L3R 3G9
+1.4166187488 Fax: +1.9055137488

Registrar of Record: MISK.COM
Record last updated on 2007-Apr-25.
Record expires on 2009-Aug-10.
Record created on 2004-Aug-10.

Domain servers in listed order:
EDIT: Please see Post #123 in this thread if you have not already done so.

EDIT September 23rd, 2011

This company is now called HomeVision Technology Inc.
50 Telson Rd. Markham.

It's products are still unwelcome
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For those that use Firefox and have the WOT add-on, you can rate ******** accordingly. WOT is a nice extension in any case.

Although I haven't contributed as much as I would like to digitalhome, I want to support those that made this a great forum. Sorry if I slid off topic a bit.
Stampeder's OTA channel lists are being posted without citation on other web sites left, right and centre. Not ever a change of font.
Thank you Bowenjau for the Firefox browser tip, much appreciated.

randomusername2 and all:
if you see the contents of posted elsewhere without proper citation please poist the offending URL into the Member Feedback forum of this site so that we can begin a dialogue to resolve the situation. Sadly and irritatingly the company that is the topic of this thread was unwilling to enter into a dialogue with this site to solve the plagiarism and copyright issues, but not all of the web sites have been like that.​

P.S. don't forget about this everyone! ;)
******** has shown up in google ads on this site while i was using safari on my ipod touch, but using my laptop with firefox I use the adblock extension for them. I don't know if Hugh can contact google and put a stop to ******** or any other company ads showing up here?
He's been informed of that in the past and unfortunately it wasn't possible to change the Google Ads.
I returned my D-Wave antenna clone yesterday, the store wasn't too happy , but I am ! :)
Coat Hanger TV Antenna

I am sort of new at this so I got few questions, I don't want to shade lots of money on antenna since I rarely watch TV so I stumbled upon this home made one.

can that really do the trick and also the apartment I live in does not face the CN tower so would I still be able to receive good quality channels or the anntena must face the tower?

We give you much better options!

Nuke777, its good that you asked here about those coat hanger antennas found on the web before building one.

Our experts have tested them thoroughly and have found that they are garbage compared to what we've created in the Gray Hoverman and mclapp Do-It-Yourself antenna models found in the link given by recneps77.

Also make sure to read the OTA FAQ and then read through the Reception Results thread for your area to see which gear works best there.
OTA Clone Antennas - Avoid Most Of Them

Unfortunately only in Canada will you find such problems with people taking a popular design that works then they go clone it. You will find retailers selling these clones and promoting clones side by side next to originals with the view to only sell a cloned antenna. I have introduced many people to OTA and told them to buy a channel master when going to a store they come back with a cheap clone from ******** or alike. They dont always do as well as a genuine product. Clone sellers copy everything to gain more publicity. From the Antennas to the hours and hours of intellectual work from even theses forums that someone very knowledgable has spent hours weeks months and years to build. They will go copy all there work. This is very disrespectful and dirty. For this reason i have become very anti clone. It is not good news and it only seems to be here in Canada. This is a really sad state of affairs. I think people should be educated about clone sellers who have nothing good to offer except for stealing peoples designs making them cheaply with not the same results, then stealing peoples intellictual property! Buyers please be weary of clones in my experience they are not as good as genuine products. Also supporting clones does nothing for the industry as companies that have been in the business for decades will reinvest their money to bring us preamps, distribution amps, mounting hardware and better antennas in the future. Clone manufacturers will not invest in R&D they will only make cheap knock offs of other peoples hard work. Bringing more support to genuine products makes these manufacturers reinvest in bringing us better products for this great hobby. Clone sellers dont have premaps, and other products only cheap stuff that inflate the nosie as well as the signal. Maybe this post should go in a seperate section on clones. I firmly believe if you want a clone you will do better with a self built antenna! what is really bad is when i recommend to someone to buy a genuine product and they go search for an OTA supplier they end up buying a clone and if they are in a tougher spot for OTA they end up buying a genuine antenna and do better.
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I appreciate and respect your opinion on clone antenna's.
I purchased a clone antenna because it was the only one I could get my hands on quickly and it seemed to be the only one I could find in my location (London,On).
Indeed I would love to get my hands on a Channel Master antenna, and now that I have made great strides in setting up my antenna; I am seriously close to picking one up from one of this forums sponsor's.
I will admit, personally I am quite happy with the performance of my clone antenna. Then again I have not had anything to compare it to.
When comparing red apples to green apples there will always be slight differences but at the end of the day they are still apples.
I'm looking forward to seeing if there is a big difference between the two.
The biggest difference

The biggest difference comes from those that have issues! If you are not in the best of OTA areas as OTA is very funny someone 5 doors away can get a different result from their neighbours! This is when a genuine product shines in my experience! When we know a coat hanger works and even some coax shown in places like utube then we know a clone will work too. But there is a difference between a genuine one and a clone one and supporting companies that have been helping this great hobby for decades is better as they truely will reinvest to make better products for the average person that wants to get into OTA! Copying or cloning using cheaper materials only hurts the industry and does not help companies that spend their money not copying but engineering designs and better products overall not just antennas but products that work in conjuction with antennas. I have heard of people buying a clone antenna then buying a preamp for over $90 to get more gain, not saying you dont need the preamp but makes no sense to save a few bucks on a clone then spend so much on a preamp after?
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I'm in the same boat as Panamark, I would have bought a real CM 4221, but I couldn't find one downtown, and not having a car seriously limits your options with something as big as an antenna, and shipping would be expensive and most likely end with a damaged antenna.

I am trying to buy a real CM4221HD now, but still can't find anyone downtown. I will consider going to one of the sponsors as a last resort, but its quite a trek from me...

(anyone know where to buy a CM 4221HD one downtown Toronto? Didn't there used to be a 'suppliers' sticky?)
Please see the Where Can I buy forum for all shopping discussions.
I think that 4221HD clone (From Eaglestar) is probably better then the original. (from Channel Master.)

If i knew where i can pick real orginal antenna I would done that in a heartbeat. But alas with little or no real support in London for OTA. I have very limited options. Unless i use the internet. (which I would prefer not to do.)

I believe that this forum sponsor (Save and replay) is located in Toronto.

Read ya l8r,
Garbage input = Garbage output

My rules of thumb :

#1 -->You only get what you pay for. Even building your own gear may end up costing more than an authentic quality antenna.

#2 -->Garbage input = Garbage output

#3 -->Don't cheap out on OTA gear, unless your willing to settle for less than you really wanted.
Well said

At least if you built it even if it cost you more you can have some fun doing it! Well said OTA cannuk! And chances are it could work better then a clone!

Also when you need a preamp or other ota gear where are you going to go?

Clone manufacturers dont reinvest anything back in they can only copy! we need to support real manufacturers who do invest in Research and development not in just making cheap copies! If everyone bought a clone there would be nobody that would be intrested in creating new and better designs and better products for us!
I agree that some "gimmicky" antenna clones are likely bad.

However, I've tested and compared 4-bay clones against the CM4221HD. There was no difference in performance. And the materials and construction techniques were identical. It wouldn't surprise me if both antenna were produced in the same factory.

The only difference was the price: The clone was bought for $25.

Channel Master in particular may have been a quality brand in the past. These days, their products are produced in China along with most clones.

Unfortunately in my experience they perform ok when in a good area for OTA, some areas do extremely well, its areas where signals are harder to lock in where i have noticed a difference between original to clones, also the construction i will take some pictures when i visit some of my friends on the clones are cheap screws not rivited like an original. I have seen so far the ******** and eaglestar and both have the same pictures on the box on the side even same font if i remember correctly of the descriptions those are for sure made in the same factory! My experience comes from 2 people one having issues with NBC/Fox and another with city for some odd reason they had issues locking on to these channels. when i swapped it with an original i was able to get a better stable lock on them.

I myself agree i would rather see everything made in the country of origin for that company so if in USA keep the jobs in the US and in canada keep it here! I hate it when jobs are being threatened but unfortunately it seems this is a trend. Its unfortunate i completely agree with that point!

As it stands Apple ipod is made in China so is the kingston USB stick ive seen it on the packaging and so are apple ipod clones and kingston usb stick clones i am sure apple would not allow clone ipods to be created in the same factory! I would also expect apple to stand up for their name. I would buy an apple ipod for my daughter any day then a clone apple ipod as i know apple have been in business for decades and are inventors of newer ideas. People that clone apple ipods will only copy it for cheaper and once a fad dies will disappear and clone something else. Also apple will invest in other accessories for their ipods to enhance the ipod experience! clone sellers have no desire to reinvest anything back in they are here for a fad and not for the future! here today gone tommorow!
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I bought a clone and it works ok, not great but ok for stuff coming off of the CN tower. Hamilton... fuggedaboutit and Grand Island, the stations cut out a bit!

I bought a real channel master 4221 and let me tell you, the difference in the workmanship is night and day! Haven't hooked it up yet but its a lot more solid than any clones I've seen.

I'm going to gang them and use the clone for the CN tower channels and the real 4221 one for Buffalo.
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