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Radio shack will be misssed but in Edmonton their are at least two other places to go and much cheeper. Arrow Bell and Active components both have a good supply of stuff.
Heathkit made alot of fun kits to build I personaly made several. I do know that Arrow Bell in the west end has kits like them.
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SMI Electronics in Langley carries some least they used to.
Incredible FTA is another

Surrey, British Columbia

#106/107 - 13569 76th Ave.
Surrey, BC V3W 2W3
Good stuff, thanks for your replies. I found Main Electronics has some as well, though not the model I'm looking for. Will try FTA and SMI. Much appreciated.

Ive been getting stuff from this site's sponsor (Save and Replay) ordering online (DB8e). I was getting CM stuff from Satellite Central Communications in Aldergrove.

Best thing I ever did was to get a CM7000 PVR. With a good antenna you can get lots of old movies from KOMO, KIRO and KVOS. I have a number stored on my PVR to watch when I don't care for other programming.
Laurie in Ladner with a DB8e on the roof.
I could help with installs if you have all the antenna gear. Lower mainland only. I could supply pipe, fasteners, general hardware. Better have a flexible timeframe, I'm a very busy contractor with lots of tools and a farm. OTA for over 25 years in the fringe.
OTA Installers in Calgary?


I live in Ranchlands and have good OTA coverage with a very simple antenna that does the trick for me.

My son and daughter-in-law live in Evanston (NW Calgary), and according to their TV Fool report, it looks like they'll need an outdoor antenna (most likely on their roof).

The previous home owner had a satellite dish which was removed, but the coax may still be there...

I was wondering if there are some reputable installers here in Calgary that could do the install for them, after checking signal strength, etc.?

I have tried a couple of googles on the 'net but it is hard to find anyone that are still in business, or will do installs, not just sell the antennas...

Thank you for any help or advice with this!

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My roof is fairly flat but I still leery about getting too close to the edge. And it's a long way up. I bought a 28 ft ladder to get there and I ill go up and fix my antenna if there isn't someone I can hire.
The guys putting on the siding helped me put up the antenna using their scaffloding and ladders. But I'm left to my own devises now. I will need to replace the two transformer/baluns and the combiner. Not a hard job.
Now i would ask my brother to backstop me, but he fell off his own ladder a few days ago and cracked three vertibrae and compressed a disc, and wound up in the hospital with a concussion. I don't think he'll volunteer to help.
I'm in Ladner BC (lower mainland)with the peak mounted BD8e
Anybody know of an installer? Sky Building Wood Fixture Triangle
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