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Radio shack will be misssed but in Edmonton their are at least two other places to go and much cheeper. Arrow Bell and Active components both have a good supply of stuff.
Heathkit made alot of fun kits to build I personaly made several. I do know that Arrow Bell in the west end has kits like them.
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Why would you want one of these when you can get a Channelmaster 4221 UHF Antenna 4 Bay for $55?
added feature

I think they sell it as a added feature for some of thier sat boxes that have ATSC tuners.
Could anyone tell me where you can NOW purchase an CM4228, in/near Vancouver? I would rather not order one, but pick it up local? If I HAD to order one in, best place???
my tv with ota in the basment

where can i get an over the air box for 2011?
They aren't commonly available in B.C. at this time so your best bet would be to cross over to Bellingham and buy one at a big box store there like Wal-Mart or Best Buy, or else check the thread about Online OTA Gear vendors.
Professional/Honest TV Antenna Installers (Richmond area)?

I live in the Richmond area. My 3-storey townhouse is located at the middle of Ferndale between Garden City and No.4 Rd.

I joined your OTA forum last week and am interested in finding out the cost of installing a TV antenna (e.g. CM4228) at the top of my roof. My goal is to replace my existing Shaw Basic cable subscription. I want to have DTV and HDTV channels from both the local and US broadcasting stations.

PS I already sent a private PM to 4DTV but he is not doing any installation now.
Hello Everyone,
I have recently purchased an RV with a Winegard RS-2000 TV antenna and it doesn’t seem to be working. I and considering changing it to a Winegard Batwing Sensar III type or if anyone has any better I would like your expert opinion. If anyone could steer me in the direction on where to buy one of these it would be greatly appreciated. I plan on using it around the 100 Mile House / 70 Mile house / Green Lake area the most.
Hi HarveyB25. Whatever you do, don't buy an antenna at an RV store. The prices are horrendous! ;)

Since you are going to be up between Clinton and 100 Mile you are only going to get a few stations OTA in VHF band analogue, which you can look up here:

My suggestion is to try to locate a UFO-style omnidirectional antenna for RVs. Unfortunately The Source doesn't seem to carry them anymore in Canada so you'd have to search for one online such as the Radio Shack model 15-1634.
Thanks for the advice. Do you think with the Batwing I could tune in the few chanels better? The omni I have seems to just get alot of snow.
No matter which RV antenna you use I think you'll get a snowy picture because the power levels of the local TV repeater stations in the Clinton to 100 Mile House area are very low, so unless you have a full size VHF antenna you are likely to get some weakness in the picture.

Do you intend to permanently mount a new antenna on the RV rooftop, or would a proper (but large) VHF antenna on a portable tripod be an option?
I think I would like to keep it on the RV. We do change location and I have a small town's worth of stuff to pack up already so I think keeping it simple would be best.
One of my neighbours has a Winegard Batwing Sensar III and it suits him fine, so I imagine it would do great for you too keeping in mind the low signal power of the stations. Its very tidy up on his trailer's roof. :)
having trouble finding local suppliers for antennas. Any suggestions for picking up a CM4221?
Does anyone know where I can buy a CM 4228 in Victoria? I've been wanting to get a better antenna for a while now.
I'm trying to track down a lightning arrestor on the island. I've tried Cercomm in Nanaimo and they don't have anything.

Anyone know of a place, even if it's on the mainland!


You might want to try giving Muir's a call in Victoria if they're still around:
Was just in London Drugs on West Broadway, Vancouver and they had:

Terk TV4 - $29.99
Terk HDTVi - $69.99

The HDTVi works beautifully - no doubt about it. But justifying that price will be difficult.

Hopefully I will be able to get the TV4 properly positioned so that I can return the HDTVi.
TAK, please return that Terk TV4 and see the antenna chart so that you don't waste your money! :)
delhi in crescent heights

I just talked with B&E and Omni Provincial Electronics, trying to get a Delhi 932.
B&E: Got similar response as Paulie. No vu-932 in stock and they likely wouldn't get any for a while. He suggested a 933 that they have or the HD2500 for $144. Both seem too much for my needs. He also had a Zip-15.

Omni: They don't carry any tv antenna in stock, but will order for me. No price available on the 932, she'll call back with that.

So if I could ask for advice, would a Zip-15 or the Super Delhi likely do it for me? I'm a 2nd storey roof with pretty clear sight to signal hill, between 7 and 14km distance to the 3 towers (all within 10 degrees orientation). Plus 1 tower in just about the opposite direction at 4.5 km (maybe 15 degrees off a straight line pointed at signal hill).
Also, the sales people are pushing "HD" antenna. I'm assuming it makes no difference.

And regarding HD broadcast:
I got a wishy washy response from Omni's Programme Information Coordinator regarding HD broadcast in Calgary:
"...We currently do have a time frame for this move.
Please be assured that once we have confirmed all details we will issue
a formal announcement.
We appreciate your interest...."

Could not find a way to contact E!, they hide themselves well. I suppose Global might be able to answer that. I'll leave that to someone else.
And I don't have a lot of interest in seeing CTS in HD so not contacting them. They have a very strong SD signal as it is.
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