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Radio shack will be misssed but in Edmonton their are at least two other places to go and much cheeper. Arrow Bell and Active components both have a good supply of stuff.
Heathkit made alot of fun kits to build I personaly made several. I do know that Arrow Bell in the west end has kits like them.
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Lynden, Washington

In my searches for Channel Master suppliers I came across an Ace Hardware that was very helpful. They are an official distributer of CM and will bring whatever they can in for you. Some stuff from Ace Hardwares warehouse or even straight from CM.

Here are the details:

Dean (very helpful)
Ace Hardware
Lynden, Wash.
(360) 354-2291

If you are looking for a CM4221 they are only 29.99 brought in from Ace Hardwares warehouse. You may be able to get some good deals on other stuff from Ace's warehouse. Anything brought straight from CM you will have to pay shipping on which wasn't cheap. A 4228 was 100.00 with shipping. Check it out, could be a good source especially for the 4221!!
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Bellingham, Washington

Skagit Electronics
(360) 336-3073

They carry a lot of Antenna Craft gear and also some Channel Master stuff. Rotor was $80 I think and amps for $70 I think. Also worth giving a call and fairly close by.
Is there a place locally in Vancouver to buy a UHF signal amplifier? I got a cm4221, and need an amp.

re: Post #19

This a Wholesale only business (21st Century) Were you able to buy retail from them?
Calgary & Area

Does anyone sell OTA equipment in Calgary or the surrounding area? I can't find anything...
Need installer for Vancouver west side

I need someone who can do the whole package: buy antenna, install, aim it properly using appropriate equipment like a spectrum analyzer, run downlink to Sharp Aquos LC42D64U TV, set up TV to properly receive signal, etc. I'm looking for technically excellent service, someone who has done this 10 times and is guaranteed to do a good job in return for a very generous fee. Location is near Blanca and Broadway just outside of UBC campus.
I went to 21st Century today and bought a Channel Master 4228 for $69.95 (and at the same time bought a Winegard digital HD receiver RC-1010 for $239.50 as I needed an atsc tuner). I asked him about retail vs Whole sale, and he said he could not get any retailers to carry either item, so he could sell them to the public. I found them at the phone number and address listed in post 19.
21st Century Is Not A Retailer

Strange comment since I buy OTA Gear and satellite products there weekly.
I spoke with the owners of 21st who were embarrassed by these two purchases as their policy is to sell to retailers only. They have talked to the salesman involved and have assured me that this won't happen again. If it does they stand to lose a lot of business.
I support the products I sell whether it's suggestions on how to mount or perhaps a site survey with a spectrum analyzer. A Wholesaler does not offer these services. They also don't have the knowledge.
The only problem with that is I tried to find a place willing to sell me that antenna. I could not find a place locally that had them. I was looking for both a tuner and a 4228 and I tried to find a local store online as well as go to the majors (I live in Coquitlam). I wanted to experiment myself so I didn't want an expensive setup. If you had an ad in the local phone book or yellow pages, I would have gone to your store and purchased there. Where else can you buy this equipment in the Lower Mainland?
We've had posts about 4DTV HD's retail services here for years.
My point was I wanted to drive to a store buy the antenna and try it out. I knew about 4DTV HD but I had no idea where his store is, I just had the day off and wanted to try out an antenna. If there were retail stores around I would have supported them. I didn't need it delivered, I wanted to play, if I can't figure it out then I would call an expert. There are places here in this forum with all the information on how to set it up, ground it and all the rest. Is there a store I can drive to and buy a 4228 in the Lower Mainland?
Is there a store I can drive to and buy a 4228 in the Lower Mainland?
No, but if there was we'd sure have it in here. :)

The reason you don't see a store selling this is that there is no money in it and very few customers.
We are a niche market.
I sure don't do it for the money. It's more of a hobby. :)
Is there any way you could advertise a number to phone so members here would know where they could buy one. I have seen a number of enquiries about where can you get one. I feel bad about getting that salesman in trouble, I thought I was trying to help let people know where they could get one. He was very nice and just trying to help me out with my hobby. I have a lot of respect for what you do, but when someone like me wants to putter around, it would be nice to have a number to call where we can buy something like I bought.
local hd antennas

I saw a group of 4 bay bow tie types for sale at this store when I bought mt 1000' box of rg6 cable. I have a 4228 myself and this antenna is the same looking just 4 bow ties.

Ground Control Electronics
3379 Fraser St

Hi Dan

This is similiar to the CM4221.
I am familiar with the store but do not buy from them.
Dan, several 4-bay bowtie reflector antennas look a lot like the CM4221 but very few of them perform as well. ;)
antenna name brand

What I should do is give them a call and get the actual name of the manufacture and other info :p
name of antenna

multistar tv antenna a four bay bow tie arrangement local cost 70 dollars. here is a blurb from a few on sale on Ebay...

Case measurements 34.4" x 21.1" x 14.6 @ 27. pounds

Case lot of five pieces

Receives most local HD and Analog signals

Features highly tuned, efficient receiving elements for great reception
Install it yourself, quickly and easily

Dramatically improves your picture quality
Long-lasting and weather resistant.
Dimensions: 33" H x 20" W x 8" D (when fully extended out) Length 840mm

1 x Coaxial connection

Frequency Bandwidth 470~862 MHz
for Channels 21-62

Radiation Pattern: multi-directional
Gain: 10-13dB typical

Front-Back Ratio : 22dB
Beam width: Horizontal/Vertical: 60 Degrees / 32 Degrees

Weatherproofing: made of weather resistant steel and hard plastic
Goes great with our tripod and most sizes of satellite dishes ( I am not sure if a link to the image is okay awh well give it a go )....
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