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Radio shack will be misssed but in Edmonton their are at least two other places to go and much cheeper. Arrow Bell and Active components both have a good supply of stuff.
Heathkit made alot of fun kits to build I personaly made several. I do know that Arrow Bell in the west end has kits like them.
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Greater Vancouver area

I'd like to recommend 4DTV HD for those of you living in the Greater Vancouver are, he set me up with my CM 4228, cables, and pre-amp. He drove all the way out here twice, and even turned back once because I needed a couple of short cables. :D

Great guy, and it's seems like he really likes what he does. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
Antenna Gear in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

The Rang said:
Where can the CN4228 and pre-amp, Winegard or otherwise, be purchased locally?
PM 4DTV HD, he's very helpful.
1 - 2 of 168 Posts
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