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Radio shack will be misssed but in Edmonton their are at least two other places to go and much cheeper. Arrow Bell and Active components both have a good supply of stuff.
Heathkit made alot of fun kits to build I personaly made several. I do know that Arrow Bell in the west end has kits like them.
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Source for OTA Gear on the Wet Coast

I don't know if personal commendations are allowed on the forum, but I don't think you should look any further than 4DTV HD himself as a supplier.
Ordered a 4228 and a pre-amp from him last Thursday, personally delivered to me at my work on Monday
While I enjoy "messing" around with these things, my only regret is not getting 4DTV HD directly on-site to set it up. This is one knowledgeable and enthusiastic guy, as I stood there listening to him talk about his hobby and his work
Vancouver Area

Jeffnoone said:
I don't know if personal commendations are allowed on the forum, but I don't think you should look any further than 4DTV HD himself as a supplier.
I've recommended 4DTV HD myself by PM to Vancouver area DHCers so I'm great with commendations but DHC forum rules dissuade promotion of professional services so its best if we PM him regarding purchases, etc. By all means ask his advice here in public, as I sure will.
Greater Vancouver area

I'd like to recommend 4DTV HD for those of you living in the Greater Vancouver are, he set me up with my CM 4228, cables, and pre-amp. He drove all the way out here twice, and even turned back once because I needed a couple of short cables. :D

Great guy, and it's seems like he really likes what he does. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.
Antenna Gear in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

The Rang said:
Where can the CN4228 and pre-amp, Winegard or otherwise, be purchased locally?
PM 4DTV HD, he's very helpful.
Antenna Gear in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

stampeder said:
4DTV_HD is a professional and can give you the heads up on expectations or assessing your location.
I also agree, 4D is very knowledgeable and helpful and answered all of my questions. Highly recommended!

Where do I get the hardware (pole,rotor etc) to mount the antenna?

Are there any retailers near North Delta for the Channelmaster 4228?

4DTV HD and The Source

mexman, you can get a CM4228 antenna, mounting gear and a rotor from a DHCer named 4DTV HD, who is from Aldergrove. Hopefully he will be reading this soon, or if you can send a Personal Message to him you should give him a try:

Also regarding mounting gear and rotors you can buy them from The Source store on Scott Road in the mall between Zellers and Save On but they have to make a special order for you. They don't carry Channel Master antennas. The problem is that those store personnel often don't know much about the OTA gear that they carry, so read through the following The Source web page to find the right stuff so that you can print it out and take it to them for ordering:
I will have a Samsung SIR-T451 for sale. For anyone who is having a hard time finding an HD tuner for OTA this will work great! Thanks
Silver Sensor in Vancouver?

Any idea where I can get the antenna locally? If it doesn't work, I'd like the option to return it. Not keen on Ebay or Amazon.


London Drugs carries a Terk clone of the ZSS, and they have an excellent return policy.

Also I've moved your other question into this thread for your specific area:
London Drugs not carrying ZSS Clones anymore?

I was at the London Drugs, couldn't find anything, all they had was a pair of RCA rabbit ears? for 19.99$

so I bought it to test.
Just so you know the London Drugs at the Lougheed mall does NOT have any silver sensors. I'll try visiting the London Drugs on Kingsway or somewhere else if someone could be more specific as to which London Drugs has ZSS clones?
Also, the London Drugs at Brentwood mall and on Kingsway do NOT have any silver sensors clones, just the rabbit ears that mirek mentioned.
Will be returning these rabbit ears, what garbage, can't even get analog ! hah.
Folks, there's a CM4228 and other OTA gear for sale in Abbotsford if you go and look in the Buy and Sell Forum here at DHC.
London Drugs Discontinued ZSS Clone?

I've asked around a few London Drugs stores downtown, and none of the stores have any in stock. Speaking with an employee at the Robson location, he believes that London Drugs is no longer carrying that antenna.

So you know what people? We write/e-mail letters to the merchandiser at London Drugs' HQ. Simply state that you have an HDTV, and would like to receive digital TV signals over the air, and without the Terk HDTVi, you feel you don't have a chance at getting reception. Ask to bring back the Terk HDTVi. Suggest that if the sales of the antenna were too low to warrent shelf space, that poor sales were due to a.)the price being too high for such a small and cheap antenna, and b.)poor marketing of the antenna as a source for HD. Add, if that Terk HDTVi antenna was bundled with the sale of HDTVs, digital OTA would gain interest and popularity.
Washington State

I was asked by a DHCer where in Washington State a person would have to go to get a Channel Master antenna. Unfortunately neither Blaine nor Bellingham has a good shop that I know of, so maybe someone can correct me on that.

I would have recommended Pringles Electronics in Everett, WA:

3011 Grand Ave
Everett, WA 98201, USA
(425) 258-6161

but mirek tells me that their phone number is disconnected and web page is gone!?
Langley/Surrey Source for CM4228

Just purchased a CM4228 at 21st Century Entertainment Inc. located in Port Kells (North Langley/Surrey)

here's the info:

21st Century Entertainmet Inc.
Unit 305, 19358 - 96th Ave.
Surrey, BC
(604) 513-2377

Less than $70.00 plus tax. They have a multiple of other gear (coax, connectors, wall plates) but their operation is mostly geared to satellite. But they seem that they would order in almost anything. The CM4228 is certainly a great deal, and when I left they still had two in stock.
RE: Washington State

Stampeder - I purchased my 4228 at Fry's in Renton. Saved money over buying online since shipping is so high.
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