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OTA antenna construction

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I live in Markham, and have built one of these bowtie antennas, using coat hangers; but I have not added a reflector. Presently I get 20 channels.
I have two questions:
1. Would I get better reception had a constructed the bowties from copper wire?
2. Is the reflector necessary?
Any help is appreciated.
........... john
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Thanks Red, I will try it.
.... john
Hi ExDilbert,
I've already made the reflector (aluminum foil over thin board) so I think I'll install that and see if that makes any difference first. I seem to get the best reception (20-24 channels) when it's pointed at downtown Toronto. How big a rotation (degrees wise) does it commonly take to make a difference?
..... john
Hi Chiwaukee,
I've already installed the aluminum one. It's inside, so there's no danger of wind damage. It increased my reception by about 8 stations (26 to 34). Are concerns about wind the only reason you recommend screening?
...... john
Hi Red,
"... distance from the active elements of the antenna ..." active elements meaning the bowties?
Thanks for the lead. I'll check it out.
..... john
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