Optoma, a top name in DLP Front projectors, this week introduced the HD8300 and the HD3300, the company’s first full 1080p 3D home theater models using DLP technology.

The flagship HD8300 builds on the company’s HD8200 model featuring 1500 lumens of brightness and Puremotion 4D, the company’s frame-interpolation processing technology whose level of processing can be adjusted by the viewer to suit the content.

Other features include a 1.5x zoom ratio, ISFccc (Imaging Science Foundation Custom Calibration Configuration) controls with day and night modes, and support for all the HDMI 1.4a mandatory 3D formats, including both Side-by-Side and Top & Bottom formats, and more.

Optoma says the HD8300 has been developed to take advantage of the company’s new 3D-RF glasses, which use RF technology and have been designed to maximize brightness and contrast while eliminating the line of sight and synchronization issues which the company says is commonly experienced with systems using infra-red (IR) emitters. The new glasses are fully rechargeable; the RF emitter is included with the projector, while the glasses will be sold separately.

The HD8300 also ships with a back-up remote in case the primary remote is lost or damaged. The backup remote is magnetically held onto the unit for emergency usage.

The Optoma HD3300 is an entry level 3D projector which sells for less than half the flagship projector.
Specifications and Pricing

Optoma HD8300
  • Brightness (Lumens) - 1500
  • Contrast Ratio (Full on/Full off) - 30,000:1
  • Contrast Ratio (ANSI) - 700:1
  • Weight (lbs.) - 18.5
  • Dimensions - 19.3”x7.6”x14.6”
  • Zoom - 1.5x
  • Available - August 2011
  • Price - $4,499 U.S.
  • Brightness (Lumens) - 2000
  • Contrast Ratio (Full on/Full off) - 5000:1
  • Contrast Ratio (ANSI) - 500:1
  • Weight (lbs.) - 10
  • Dimensions - 14.2”x4.5”x12.2”
  • Zoom - 1.2x
  • Available - August 2011
  • Price - $1,999 U.S.

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