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OPTIK TV digital box updates
Posted July 11, 2017

Over the next several weeks, TELUS will be making updates to your OPTIK TV digital box to improve performance and overall experience. Should your box be unresponsive, try rebooting either of the following:
  • OPTIK TV digital box
  • Gateway followed by the digital box
Once the upgrade is complete, you may notice some changes.

A green screen will appear, which means your digital box has been on standby for 4 hours or that you powered off your digital box.

  • This green screen will help you easily identify when the box is in standby mode
  • Standby mode ensures you can record programs while you are asleep or away from home, and is designed to help you save on your energy bill
  • To continue watching, simply press the power button or OK button on your Optik TV remote
The widescreen standard option will be removed to provide you with the best Optik TV viewing experience for your TV screen size. This setting has been automatically adjusted to improve the look of programs on your TV.

You can go to your System setup on your TV to adjust your aspect ratio according to your preference. For full instructions, visit Setting your TV picture size and shape.
TL;DR - STB goes into standby after 4 hours (press the OK button to wake up); widescreen SD aspect ratio has been removed.
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