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I recently returned to Canada after being in the U.S. for some time, I was treated very well there. Telus is absolutely dismal and would be dissolved if in the U.S. Their service is so bush league, I am embarrassed for them. They seem to be in way over their head. I had telus installation and the very next day I lost video signal. A tech came out and told me this would happen repeatedly - really?

I have read many of your technical answers, but that is obscuring the big picture. TELUS IS INCOMPETENT AND UNPREPARED FOR THE MYRIAD OF PROBLEMS.

4 hours after the tech left - again no video signal. I have lost the last 4 days of TV viewing.

I logged into their website, but their server is down.

After reading your posts you all appear to be very bright and tech savvy. So stand back for a moment and imagine your mom struggling with this technical issue. Using Xbox, coaxil, etc. should not be required. I pay a very high monthly rate for absolute mediocrity. My interests lie in other areas and I shouldn't need to be a technician in order to watch tv and nor should you all know how to make turkey gravy or know how to get rust stains out of your sink. When I lived in the U.S. I spent very valuable time in a telecommunications company watching Nortel next door going down the drain.

I'm glad to be home, honest, but Telus needs to step up to the plate.
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