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OPTIK TV & Harmony Remote

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Upgraded to OPTIK last week. Everything works great but I cannot get the 'guide' button to work on my harmony remote that was provided free from TELUS a few years ago. I can get to the guide via the menu button and then selection the guide option. I have gone to the TELUS harmony site and change my devices over to the Cisco CIS430. The 'watch TV profile' lists the Cisco as a PVR rather than a set top box but I assume this is ok. I call 310-MYTV and was informed that the harmony product was no longer supported (thanks). Yes the function did work prior to OPTIK.

Am I missing the obvious?? Any help would be appreciated

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If you search to back in February/March, you should find a thread describing the differences between the old silver (Minerva) remote and the new black (Mediaroom/Optik) remote.

I think it is in the first few pages of this thread:
if u have the optik remote, your harmony can learn the command using the ir receiver thing on it.
yes, it works fine for me, not sure if I had to get my Harmony to "learn" that button though..
In anticipation of my switch on Sept. 16, I searched google for "harmony cis430" and the first result was a thread from Logitech discussing the set up. You may want to check that out to see if what they recommend works for you.
Thanks for the responses. I will give it a try and let you know the results.

Favorites list and Harmony One?

Does anyone have a Harmony One remote synched up with Telus TV? How do I get a "Favorites list" on the Harmony One commands?

Thanks kindly.
It should be in the list of commands when you select Customize buttons. If not, you can make the Harmony learn the button with the Telus Remote. I have my + button as my Fav button on my Shaw boxes.
Hmmm damn I wish it would have known that command. I have never done the learning thing but will look at the harmony one site,

I am looking for the favorites "list" which i had to manually set up on my telus box. Not individual favorite channels :)
I use a Harmony One. You have to access 'favorites' through menu. There is no way to add a favorites button to the remote because there is no 'favorites' button on the TELUS remote either, you get 'favorites' through the menu.

I hope a shortcut button gets added sometime in the future. The old TELUS IPTV system 'Minerva' had the 'favorites' button on the yellow triangle button of the remote, that button is unused in Optik (Mediaroom) I wonder how hard it would be to map it, because then the favorites would be alot more user friendly to reach and the button would be a snap to map to the Harmony One. I'll try to remember that one for a Q/A session in the future.

Another good button to map to your Harmony One is a 'back' button, you have to create it in the set up section of the website for the remote, but its not too difficult and is quite handy. It will appear in the touch screen of the remote along with the blue 'search' and red 'call display' buttons while in the 'watch tv' activity.

- another TELUS tech
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Thanks for confirmation. It's too bad their isn't a shortcut :( its a bit of a pain in the butt and you would think with technology of today it would already be there as a shortcut.
You can always set up a "favourites" list on the Harmony itself, which you can program (or not) to show up when you start the "Watch TV" activity. I've done that and it seems to work well enough.
Thanks for confirmation. It's too bad their isn't a shortcut :( its a bit of a pain in the butt and you would think with technology of today it would already be there as a shortcut.
Doesn't the Harmony allow you to "macro" several keystrokes to one key?
i.e. assign MENU/DOWN/DOWN/OK onto whatever key on the Harmony you want to be the one that you want to bring up your favourites.
That's a good question although a bit too techy for me (macro) far this is the worst part for me, I have a fav list setup on my box but when I select it on my harmony...I can't get it to bring up my favorites list :(

And to get to guide favorite list you need to hit 2-3 diff buttons.
You could maybe set up two different activities, one for "Watching Favourites" and one for "Watching TV". When you choose "Watch Favourites" you can have the Harmony send out extra keystrokes to the PVR box after the activity has started that would select your favourites list instead of the full channel list.

For my own self I've avoided the whole issue by having the guide only show checked channels, and only checking my favourites. That, though, doesn't exactly solve your problem, so never mind. :)
If you have a Harmony One, you can make it work in two different ways:

1 - Create a favorite button and assign the sequence of buttons/commands you need to go through to get there. (see link postedby Meestor_X)

2 - Create your list of favorite channels on the remote itself. This way the remote will simply key in the channel number when you select that channel from the LCD screen. You can also add the channel logo to it so you'll have a menu with the logo or channel name. (see here:
Telus receivers & Harmony remotes

I have 2 receivers (ones a PVR) and both of them react very slowly to my harmony remote. Ive messed with delay settings and what not in the remote properties but no luck. Was wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem and how they fixed it or if you don't have the problem what your remote settings are?
I have 2 receivers (ones a PVR) and both of them react very slowly to my harmony remote.
Does the regular Optik remote do the same thing? The Optik boxes response time has been sluggish since the big update months ago. :(
I actually thought my Harmony was responsible. Dug out the Telus remote and same issue. The box has been so painfully slow since the last update. I'm really getting tired of it.
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