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Tbaytel has Restart TV

Here is the FAQ

What is Restart TV?

Restart TV allows you to start watching shows from the beginning, whether you tuned in halfway or at the end. You’ll never miss the start of a show again!
How do I know which shows are available for restart?

There are three ways to tell if a program is available for restart.

Shows that are available with Restart TV will be marked with a Restart TV icon Restart Icon in the Guide.

The channel banner at the bottom of the screen will display Restart Icon Restart TV if Restart TV is available. If you don’t see the channel banner, press the down arrow on your remote control.

When tuned in to a show, press the INFO button on your remote control. Shows that are Restart TV capable will display a Restart option on the left-hand menu.
Restart TV Menu Option

How do I restart a show?

There are three ways to invoke Restart TV.

Select a Restart TV capable show from the Guide by pressing OK on your remote control, then press OK to restart the show.
Press the down arrow on your remote control to bring up the channel banner, then press OK to restart the show.
Press INFO on your remote control to access Program Info. If the show is Restart TV capable, select Restart from the menu, and press OK.

Why are only some channels available with Restart TV?

Restart TV availability is based on content rights from the channel provider. Restart TV is available on many Tbaytel channels, and the list of channels is continually growing. Channels currently available with Restart TV include:
429 ABC Spark HD
338 Action HD*
516 AUX HD
571 Cartoon Network HD
522 CMT (Country Music Television) HD
425 CosmoTV HD
435 Cottage Life HD
419 Crime + Investigation HD*
205 CTV Thunder Bay HD (CKPR)
503 Dejaview
563 Disney Channel HD
550 Disney Junior HD
555 Disney XD HD
436 DIY Network HD*
438 Food Network Canada HD*
443 FYI HD*
215 Global Thunder Bay HD (CHFD)
216 Global Toronto HD
217 Global Vancouver HD
608 H2 HD*
434 HGTV HD*
960 Historia HD
607 History HD*
326 Hollywood Suite 70s HD
327 Hollywood Suite 80s HD
328 Hollywood Suite 90s HD
329 Hollywood Suite 2000s HD
428 Lifetime HD*
616 Love Nature HD
437 Makeful HD
337 MovieTime HD*
601 National Geographic HD*
618 Nat Geo Wild HD*
564 Nickelodeon HD
444 OWN HD
741 RadX HD
941 Series+ HD
403 Showcase HD*
427 Slice HD*
347 Sundance
614 T+E HD
570 Teletoon HD
548 Treehouse HD
339 W Movies HD
426 W Network HD
558 YTV HD

* Fast-forward functionality is not available when in Restart TV mode.
Can I pause and rewind my show while in Restart TV mode?
Yes, you can pause and rewind a show in Restart TV mode. You can rewind up to the beginning of the show that you restarted.

Can I fast-forward while in Restart TV mode?
Most channels will allow you to fast-forward up to the point where the show is at on Live TV. However, a few select channels will not allow you to fast-forward while in Restart TV mode due to restrictions from the content provider.
These channels are identified above with the * symbol.

Can I record a show that I restarted?
No, you cannot record a show that has been restarted. You can only record Live TV.

How can I get out of Restart TV mode?
If you restarted a show by accident, or wish to go back to Live TV, press the EXIT TO TV button on your remote control.
How long can I watch a show I’ve restarted?

You will be able to watch a restarted show for a period equal to the duration of the show after the live broadcast has ended. As an example, if you have restarted a show that is one hour long and it is scheduled to end at 2pm on Live TV, you will be able to watch the show in Restart TV mode until 3pm.

Restart TV

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Listing All Programs on a Channel

The Optik TV User Guide (page 16) says, "To view a list of all programs on a channel, use [the] CURSOR LEFT [button] to highlight the channel logo and number and press [the] OK [button]".

I've used this feature often in the past, but in trying the following procedure this morning:

- press GUIDE (the guide appears, in grid mode, positioned at the current channel and time)
- press CURSOR LEFT​

I expected the "cursor" to move left to the channel logo and number, but it didn't - the "cursor" moved to the previous time description for the current channel. Additional presses of CURSOR LEFT just moves the selection further back in time. The REWIND button moves the selection back a day each time it's pressed.

Any suggestion how I can get to the previous functionality of displaying the list of all programs for the channel?

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@BCRCornet : This may be happening because you are at some future point in the guide? If you are "in the present" (current time), then you shouldn't be able to move "back in time" or at least not far before you get to the channel logo?

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@BCRCornet I moved your post to this thread since since it's a side effect of the restart feature. You can now go back 30 hours in the guide.

You can try this (I don't know if it will work.) Press the REWIND button a couple of times to get to the beginning of the guide and then press CURSOR LEFT to see if the cursor moves onto the channel logo.

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Thanks, Dr.Dave!

Your suggestion works!

- While the current time slot is selected, press the REWIND button - the time selection goes back 24 hours.
- Press the REWIND button a second time - the selection goes back an additional six hours, and selects the channel logo and number.
- Press the OK button, and the list of all programs will be displayed.
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Hmmm... I encountered an annoying downside to the new procedure - the "list of all programs" shows programs beginning from 30 hours before the current time. One has to skip through the previous 30 hours to get up to the current time for a look at what programs are coming up next.

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Have you tried the fast forward button to see if it skips ahead a day at a time? I know that works in the regular grid format, but it's a long shot in the list format.

Some people don't know that you can use the channel up/down buttons to move through the guide a screen at a time, so that may help.

Thanks for the updates.

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It appears with this feature you can watch programs with the 'start from the beginning icon' several hours after they have aired. This might be useful from time to time.

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I just realized that Telus added the ability to go back 30 hours on Dec. 6, since other providers have negotiated those rights with the program providers quite a while ago. Based on those other providers, I think some programs can only be restarted if they are currently playing and some program owners won't allow Telus to record their programs at all, so they can't be restarted. Here's the link to the updated guide:
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