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The issue of getting the US version vs a rebranding of VIVA,Cosmo,W Network which ever it may end up being is content. Buy having the US version your guaranteed to have 100% programming. By have the "rebrand" you have to add a certain amount of Canadian content to the OWN Canada version, there's where the difference is.

Depending how the US schedule is the Canadian version " might" not be able to follow the exact schedule as the US version.

1) will the be able to fit 100% of all the shows on the Canadian version plus having to add the Canadian content?

2) will the schedule be exactly the same

hour vs hour?

3) what about the Can-Com commitment during that time its immpossible to meet the exact schedule as the US version.

NO!! give me the US version please.
1 - 6 of 46 Posts
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