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Sorry couldn't find anywhere else to post this, but some advice would be appreciated.
I bought this on a whim at the charlottetown pei location FS on saturday for $79 with a two year plan $19.99. The unit is fairly well marked up on the front panel. I was told it was in their demo booth. The model is a few years old and I need to get a wire harness as it is missing($10 on ebay) and the remote is missing ($20.99 at mcm electronics).

Anyway my question is simply what pitfalls should I be wary of with this unit? Do I need to have FS install it to keep my warranty coverage, the faq seems vague concerning coverage and installation? My plan is to install it in my 86 monte ss in the spring, but I may still place it in my focus grocery getter. My main reason for buying it is the usb connection for an external 2.5" hard drive filed with 320kb mp3s, but the more I look at the other features the more I like this unit. Is my plan sound, or is there a newer deck with similar features for only an extra hundred or so? I am thinking if it craps out or is dead upon installation they will at least refund me my $79 or at best replace it with a similar unit. But it would be good to know before I spend too much on dash kits etc. My monte already has a harness connecting a twenty year old alpine and a dash plate I think I can modify for the jvc. Any advice on how to proceed with this, or even if I should back out would be appreciated and thanks in advance.
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