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During a quiet Sunday afternoon, I decided to look at the apps included with the Shaw Gateway.
While most are lame and are about 1 generation better than Pong, I did find fun with the Tomato! app.
This lets you throw a Virtual Tomato, lemon, egg, orange, strawberry or Apple Pie at your screen.
Look for it under games on your Shaw Gateway.

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Throw DUNG. Not vegetables or food.

Ya, just in general - I'm not a Shaw customer, and not commenting on SHAW - but just TV in general.

There are alot of reruns of stuff I don't even watch / am not even interested in.

Reality TV. Island this or that.

Dr <whoever> show. Judge <whoever>.

Police and Cop TV. [ Bad people doing bad things, like CSI <insert any geographic region here> ]

Luvvy Dovy show [ Date TV - puke puke puke ]

Dance and Sing competition TV. "I'm pretty and talented and want to be famous - please judge me ... "

Movie Channels - completely cut up with ADS to the point it is unwatchable.

Where is the real ENTERTAINMENT ?

At least we have a few Comedy shows, and maybe Funniest Video Shows, and some good News and commentary, Science and Documentary shows, and some real ARTS and Entertainment like PBS ... and maybe some OLYMPICS now.

I throw DUNG.
Save up your POO in a pile
and save up your PEE in various containers for throwing.

I prefer throwing the eggs
ha ha so does Bieber & guests - at the neighbours' houses ... kids with money ...

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How do you change it from a tomato? I always thought it was just tomatoes that you could throw

EDIT: Nevermind - Back and next - figured it out ;) lol
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