The average online Canadian spends 18.1 hours per week online versus 16.9 hours watching television according to the results of a recent survey by Ipsos Reid.

The firm's findings were based on an internet only survey of 839 adult Canadians who were part of an Ipsos online panel.

The research firm says that time spent on the internet and watching television among respondents was up from 14.9 and 15.8 hours respectively last year.

The firm also queried online Canadians about their usage of other media and found they listened to the radio 10.0 hours per week and read newspaper and magazines a total of 4.9 hours per week.

Ipsos' survey found that male and younger adults were spending considerably more time online than women and older adults.

Males spent 20 hours a week online versus 16 for females while 18-34 year olds were spending 20 hours a week online, compared to 18 hours for those over the age of 35.

The amount of time spent watching television was considerably different. Canadian adults aged 55+ are significantly more likely to be watching more television each week (20 hours of television each week compared to 15 hours for those aged 35-54 and 13 hours for those aged 18-34).

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