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Hey folks,

Has anyone else encountered the issue where they can't control the volume via the remote when viewing 3D blurays?

On both the default remote and my harmony remote, it tries to work, but it's like the receiver only receives signal once every 10 seconds or so, so you might get a 0.5 change of volume over like 10s if you hold the button down. You can however change the volume via the receiver knob itself.

I called Onkyo, but the gentlemen didn't speak great english and sounded moderately unsure about his answer. He said it was an incompatibility on models not ending in 08 (like the 608 or 808 etc). He said he didn't think this model would be able to view 3D content at all, but then said obviously yours does.

I asked if this was something that would likely get fixed via a firmware update, or if I should go with a different model.

In a round-about way I think he said it would eventually get fixed via a firmware update, but there were no updates as of yet for the receiver.

He also said, he recommends against playing any 3D content to prevent from further damaging the receiver. That sounded a bit sketchy and I don't think is going to hurt the receiver, however, if that the case, I'd rather return and go with a different receiver than not be able to watch 3D material on my newly purchased Vierra TV and Onkyo receiver.

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