About 60 million or 25% of all televisions sold worldwide in 2011 will come with some form or internet connectivity according to a recent report from Display Search.

The reseach firm predicts the number of Internet enabled televisions sold will rise to 138 million units in 2015, accounting for just under half of all flat panels sold.

If the Displaysearch predictions are accurate then over 500 million connected televisions will have been shipped by the end of 2015.

“We expect that in 2015, 35% of 46” or larger TVs in North America will be smart TVs, defined as having the following capabilities: able to retrieve content from the internet without the restrictions of a portal; intelligent search and recommendations; upgradeable by its owner; and able to network seamlessly with other devices in the home.” said Paul Gray, DisplaySearch Director of TV Electronics Research.

The following chart shows the global forecast for connected TV’s to 2015.

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