A March survey of 15,000 Canadians by BBM Canada has found that about one in four (25.5%) of homes in this country has a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). That number is significantly less than the 38% of U.S. homes which have a PVR.

BBM projects that PVR penetration will grow to 27.2% by June 2011, up from just 11.7% three years earlier.

The ratings firm also queried Canadians on whether they owned an HDTV television and/or a high definition set top box or receiver. Almost six out of ten Canadians (57.6%) said they owned an HDTV while 28.5% said they owned an HD receiver.

BBM predicts HDTV owners will rise to 59.8% by June of this year, up from 37.6% in June of 2008. Canadians with HD receivers is predicted to increase to 30.3% in June 2011, up from 14.1% in June 2008.

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