According to a July 2010 survey conducted on behalf of the Television Bureau of Canada, 64 percent of Canadians subscribe to digital television (DTV) and 38 percent of DTV subscribers own a personal video recorder (PVR). Among all Canadian adults, approximately one in five (20%) now own a PVR.

The survey, which polled 1,000 people, also found that five out of six (86%) of PVR owners used the devices to record and view programs at a later time or date.

Among Canadians who use a PVR to view programs in playback mode and fast forward through commercials, 55% say they never stop to watch commercials while 45% say they sometimes stop to watch an ad that is of interest to them. When asked why they occasionally stopped to watch a commercial, 41% said it was because the brand or subject matter interested them while 43% said they found the commercial entertaining.

According to BBM Canada, adults over the age of 18 watch 29.1 average weekly hours of television. Of this total, the average weekly hours of live viewing is 28.2 (96.9% of viewing), while the average weekly hours of playback viewing is just 0.91 (3.1% of viewing).

The telephone survey of 1,000 adults across Canada was conducted by BBM Analytics in July of this year.

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