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Thank you Rabbit73.

Link as requested below.

Since my last post I made a second antenna and linked it to my other antenna. I used a splitter in reverse. I had 5 of these and through trial and error discovered that some of them worked better than others, some didn’t work at all. I also just ran a direct connection from each antenna to test location and performance.

I am currently getting 6 (global) and 4 (CBC) and 23 (CTV).

With slight changes in position in have received 9 (French) and TVO.

As with my other antenna the second antenna is now mounted to the inside of my garage wall. The top is also hung from the rafters. I can’t go higher because of a metal roof. There is no electrical or outside hydro conduit on the wall. At first I had the two antennae mounted beside each other but discovered that they may be interfering with each other so they are now about 5 feet apart. They are pointing slight different angles - my research shows towers at 35 and 66 degrees mag north.. but I find aiming in these directions to have no benefit. In approximately 60degree seems to work best.

The original is built like this:

It’s approximately 3.0’x3.5’

I went larger with the second. 4’x5’ and doubled the size of the actually wires and called for specs. Not better than my original. So kept the size of the reflector and reduced the wire lengths and spacings to the called for specs of the original. Perhaps the larger reflector will help with the ‘gain’?

Initially I had two long coaxial wires and tried the second antenna in multiple different locations no luck. The I discovered the length of the cable could be causing my issue. Hence the mounting nearby each other on the wall.

Anyway I’m wondering if I should by a passthrough ? Specifically the CF7W VHF UHF from Tinlee?

I really appreciate the feedback. I my antennae are a feeble attempt but the results so far have been quite remarkable. I’m just trying to optimize what I have now.

Thank you

Here is my link:

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Thank you for the link to your report.

Since my last post I made a second antenna and linked it to my other antenna. I used a splitter in reverse. I had 5 of these and through trial and error discovered that some of them worked better than others, some didn’t work at all. I also just ran a direct connection from each antenna to test location and performance.
Combining two antennas aimed in different directions with a splitter in reverse doesn't always work. Your method of making a direct connection from each antenna is the best way to evaluate the performance of that antenna.
I am currently getting 6 (global) and 4 (CBC) and 23 (CTV).
I don't see 23 (CTV) on your report
The original is built like this:

It’s approximately 3.0’x3.5’

I went larger with the second. 4’x5’ and doubled the size of the actually wires and called for specs. Not better than my original. So kept the size of the reflector and reduced the wire lengths and spacings to the called for specs of the original. Perhaps the larger reflector will help with the ‘gain’?
That design will work, but it is not optimum. The dimensions are a little off. The whiskers are screwed to wood which can absorb moisture that will reduce the performance of the antenna because the ends are high impedance points that should be insulated. The reflector is much too close to the elements.

For UHF channels 14 to 51, this is the best design:

The dimensions are based on the work of forum member mclapp. He did a lot of work on bowtie antennas and posted the results on this forum. The M4 is named after him in honor of his contributions. The design can be modified to favor the lower end of UHF by increasing the dimensions slightly. Perhaps 10 x 9.5 instead of 9.5 x 9.
Initially I had two long coaxial wires and tried the second antenna in multiple different locations no luck. The I discovered the length of the cable could be causing my issue. Hence the mounting nearby each other on the wall.
You have discovered one of the problems with combining two antennas aimed indifferent directions with a splitter in reverse. If you change the length of one coax line it might make one channel better, but can make other channels worse.

Combining two identical antennas aimed in the same direction with equal length coax lines for more gain can work; any other configuration can give you problems.
Anyway I’m wondering if I should by a passthrough ? Specifically the CF7W VHF UHF from Tinlee?
I'm wondering why you think you need that? Do you have interference? Tin Lee makes good filters, but it will be expensive.

I really appreciate the feedback. I my antennae are a feeble attempt but the results so far have been quite remarkable. I’m just trying to optimize what I have now.
It sounds like you are having fun.

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Hello World!

I am new to the forum. Here is my RabbitEars report:

I live near Gananoque, Ontario, so I get good reception of U.S. stations from Watertown, NY.
I get WWNY (CBS), WWTI (ABC), WPBS (PBS) and usually but not always WNYF (Fox) and WVNC (NBC).
The only Canadian station I get is CKWS (Global) from Kingston.
I can get a faint glimmer of signal from CJOH (CTV analog channel 6) from Deseronto, but not enough to be useful.
I am in a low-lying area so I have very little chance of getting anything from Ottawa. Some places just a few km north of me can get Ottawa because they are up higher.
I haven't seen anyone else mention WVNC (NBC, real and virtual channel 45, from Watertown). I guess I am in a lucky spot to get a low power signal from 50 km away. If I am reading RabbitEars correctly, when WVNC gets repacked to channel 24 they will get a more powerful transmitter, so maybe more places around Kingston and Brockville might be able to get it.
My equipment is:
Antennas Direct Db8 (not Db8e) mounted in my garage rafters, connected to HDhomerun Connect.
DIY dipole made with bendable copper tube, mounted in a closet, connected to Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1265 tuner card in a desktop PC.
For playback on TV I have an Android box, MyGica ATV586. It also has some TV tuner and recording capabilities but it isn't great.
I am planning to build a better DIY antenna for the PC, and replace the MyGica Android box with a small Windows PC of some kind. Any suggestions?


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CTV-CJOH-TV ch 6 Analog/NTSC Deseronto near Belleville - transmitter issues ?

CTV-CJOH-TV ch 6 Analog/NTSC Deseronto near Belleville - transmitter issues ?

I am in Kingston, and have been watching by OTA antenna, and it seems like they have been having transmitter issues over the past several weeks, on and off.

No audio. Bad audio, full of very loud clicks and pops and buzzes and dropouts.
Audio interference is so bad that I fear it is overpowering the audio amp of my system and may damage it.
Also it is very annoying to try and listen to. Unintelligible and annoying at times due to the dropouts and missing parts.
Loud clicks, pops, crackles and buzzes, so loud they hurt the ears and overdrive the audio of my setup.

Video is very bad as well. Signal Seems very weak, picture full of interference, wide grey lines, black lines, and half screen moving up
and down, and full picture loss at times.

I have called it in to the CJOH TV number in Ottawa a few times, usually get the News Department and ask them to pass on my signal report,
but spoken once live with the Engineering Dept there in Ottawa. Usually happening on the weekends, so hard to call it in to Tech dept as they are not there at that time.

This signal, according to my TV fool is only 28.5 miles LOS from my antenna on my tower in Kingston, and usually very powerful and receivable
for me.

We have been receiving this signal OTA at our place in Kingston for as long as I can remember ... 40 years plus.

Engineering Dept at CTV in Ottawa very good and helpful ... when I did speak with Engineer there one evening couple nights ago.

However ... Engineer mentioned: " They may be closing down this transmitter possibly, around July 2020. Something came down the pipe
here about 5G "

I asked if any plan to convert it to Digital ATSC ... and keep it going... because it serves the whole region ... Belleville, Kingston, Prince Edward County (Picton etc) and all towns in the area, like Napanee, and Cottage country all around here ... and that here in Kingston and area, we cannot pick up CTV-TV network otherwise with a simple OTA antenna, because we are just a little too far from Ottawa or Toronto transmitters, and the terrain is such that we sit a little lower in the lake Ontario / St Lawrence basin / valley ...

Said to Engineer at CTV Ottawa "That is just terrible news, if you actually shut down this transmitter, it serves the whole region for OTA TV. "

I think they are working on the issue. We will see in time. I continue to monitor.

Based on what I see locally, I figure the transmitter is WAY DOWN on power. I think it is normally 100 KW power.

There was some mention that they may be having trouble with the signal FEED (probably fed by satelite ... they mentioned).

Note: This ch 6 VHF LO Analog, NTSC transmitter has been there for ever ...long time ... long as I can remember. greater than 40 years.
it is a REBROADCAST of CJOH TV - CTV from Ottawa... and I listen alot for the CTV news and CJOH local Ottawa news.

Too bad. CTV ch 6 Deseronto transmitter serves enough people here in the region, that maybe they should consider converting it to ATSC digital, and then we'll maybe get CTV-2 on the sub-channel as well. Just like Ottawa does.

We lost CBC as well OTA in Kingston and Region. CKWS 11 (Corus) went full GLOBAL affiliate now , after being CBC for a very long time in the past history .

That's right ... NO CBC-TV AT ALL (nope, nothing) in Kingston & area, OTA with antenna.

Not good. and CTV OTA in the region having serious ongoing transmitter Troubles ... looks like to me .

Any one else notice the CTV ch 6 issues in the region ?

P.S. ^2 I listen with very good bedside radio, bottom of FM band, 87.75 MHZ to the AUDIO of the TV broadcast at times.
Listen to late night news bedside ... as I go to bed.
Or even on the car radio, driving around. Handy. But hearing the same audio issues / problems recently .
So ... confirmed with very very good radio receiver.

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Yep same here in Brighton.
CJOH on 6 has been bad .... like strong electrical interference, but its not.
Not sure whats going on, but my guess is they don't care cause they are going to
shut it down anyway next year.
Lucky for me I am just close enough to get CFTO-DT in Toronto most of the time.
But I do feel bad for you folks in Kingston area. At least you can always count on Watertown stations.

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Thanks for confirmation Brightonian.

Kind of Sad - if true - that they may close down this transmitter, possibly next year, 2020.

I suspect that part of the reason for the bad interference, on reception, is just normal background interference becoming
much worse, with a much weaker signal from the transmitter. Not sure.
i.e. "Because the transmitter is way down on power" due to trouble ( possibly way less than the normal 100 KW / kilo watts from this transmitter ? ? )
i.e. the normal background interference is becomes much worse, relative to the transmitted signal, because it is possibly ... so much weaker than normal.

But I also suspect "OTHER" troubles with the transmitter / or feed - due to the frequent complete "Dropouts" of Audio / and video.

That is a very SICK signal. Bad. Even still. Unwatchable. Unlistenable. Monitoring over the past week or two since my last post.

I dropped notes to CRTC and CBSC online - Canada Broadcast Standards Council
(cause the signal is SO bad ... not meeting acceptable broadcast standards at all, for the general public, Nope ... I think not)

Hopefully they are working on it. I am not holding my breath.

But one would think that CTV / Bell / Bell Media would have both the Technical and Economic resources, to get this transmitter
working normally - soon - eventually. One would hope.

If anyone feels like it. Monitor yourselves. If you can confirm really "BAD" / consider dropping a line to CRTC or CBSC.

Add some "weight" and encourage this broadcaster to fix this.

I think we deserve a little better than that ...

If they're gonna broadcast that bad signal ... they may as well take it off the air . Not fit for broadcast - my opinion. Waste of power / bandwidth .

Sad show CTV. I wonder what your sponsors would think of this CTV ? Your advertisers who pay you to broadcast to our region ?

Are they getting their "Value" ? Is their message getting out to our region? Not really / not totally.

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When Is TVO in Read Going to Complete Repack?

Sitting in East End Belleville and still TVO is on their old frequency. The way that my UHF yagi is positioned, pointed at Watertown, I get neither TVO or WPBS. They need to get their move over-with, or turn off the TVO transmitter.

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A few quick notes about my OTA reception issues in Kingston area.

Generally, it's getting quite "SAD". Kingston is a little "hurting" for Canadian OTA by antenna right now.

CTV CJOH TV analog 6 Deseronto ON repeater transmitter (CJOH TV Ottawa rebroadcast from Ottawa ) - continues very BAD, and looks like will shut down next year according to what we are hearing, CBSC Canada Broadcast Standards Commission responds to me that the transmitter technical issues are outside their area of concern, it seems like they are more concerned with "content" issues and NOT with technical matters, and said that they forwarded my concern to the CRTC - ok... thanks. CRTC has acknowledged that they have received my concern direct to them, but said nothing more yet.

NO CBC TV is possible in Kingston now, with antenna, since CKWS TV 11 - Kingston (Corus) went full GLOBAL.
We had CBC TV for many many years before that, via CKWS TV 11 ... but no more.
[ but nice to have GLOBAL now Via CKWS 11 ... yea ! thanks for that at least. Yes, some good content there . ]
I am wishing that the CBC would put up their own rebroadcast of CBC CBOT from Ottawa here in Kingston.
In the past we even had CBC TV French transmitted from a tower very near, just north of Kingston, McAdoo's lane area.
So I am asking myself "Why can't the CBC put up a transmission for our area ?"
Again ... I think this is a very SAD situation for our area / Region / Kingston / Eastern Ontario.
Not able to receive CBC TV ota with a simple antenna - considering they would be our Canadian "national" broadcaster.

[ luckily, as mentioned by Brightonian - yes, we do get some of the U.S. channels / networks from Watertown NY USA and area, & from Syracuse NY too sometimes - although a little more difficult as Syracuse is furthur away]

TVO - TV Ontario (public broadcaster of the Province of Ontario )
Reading above, YES, I too LOST the OTA signal of TVO - TV Ontario from Belleville, and reading above, I know WHY now.
Hopefully they will do their channel change and we will re-gain TVO in Kingston and region.
TVO *did* have GOOD content and programming, and I did like to watch.
ex. issues of Provincial Importance on evening program "The AGENDA" with Steve Paikin sp? weeknights at 8 pm .

So tell me Folks ? What is WRONG with our CANADIAN Broadcasters ?
Seems like they can't / or don't want to do their job ... and Broadcast to a signifigant region like Kingston & area / Eastern Ontario.

Man ... they should really get their ACT together.

Did Canada not used to "Pride" itself in our "Telecommunications Expertise / accomplishments / abilities " ? ? ?

How is it that I can receive TV signals BETTER from the U.S. than I can from Canadian Broadcasters right here in Canada?

Why can't we get ALL the major CANADIAN networks in Kingston, ota, with simple terrestrial TV Antennas ?

What is WRONG with this picture folks ?

Kingston & region should have all the majors: CBC, CTV, Global, TVO ... and maybe even some FRENCH ones too like maybe CBC TV French ( CBOFT ? ) - like in the past. You know we have Montreal and Gatineau (Quebec) not that far away ...

Why not ? We are a big enough city and region - all considered.

Sad. Poor Show. I may bring up the issues again with my local politicians. I encourage you to do the same.

P.S. I wonder what that 5G strategy was ... that CTV technical mentioned to me. I will investigate / research.

P.S. I cut the cord in JUNE . No more COGECO Cable. And I am glad and do not miss them one bit . [ Cogeco ... you are 75 ohm "terminated" chez moi. lol. I have put a 75 ohm terminator on their cable coming into the place. signal physically / properly blocked ... LOL ]

It is OTA by antenna only now for me. So broadcasters: if you do not broadcast - you do NOT reach me.

I get better content from RADIO now ... actually. Some of it from very very FAR away - with good radio.

TV ... less and less. Which is fine by me ... because the content ... alot of it ... is BS anyway - and from Canadian Broadcasters who are unwilling to broadcast to us - in decent quality and power.

Thank goodness for our U.S. neighbours. PBS / WPBS. CBS. ABC. NBC. FOX & others / subchannels .... they are quite good .

SHAME on the Canadian TV broadcasters ... in Kingston & region / eastern Ontario !

[ One needs only compare, what is available in OTTAWA ota with simple antenna, with what is NOT available in Kingston ... to know the score . Kingston & region is...right now ...a "HAVE NOT" region, as far as OTA - TV is concerned ]

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My 2.5 cents on CJOH repeater in Deseronto:

CJOH and CTV seem to be ignoring the opinions of viewers.
Are there any companies in the Kingston area who advertise on CJOH?
If we send e-mails and letters to the advertisers about the poor signal quality and likely shutdown of the transmitter, would CTV listen to the advertisers who pay them?

Another thought:
Isn't there a rule now that the big Canadian cell-phone carriers are required to share/rent time/bandwidth on their towers and networks to smaller companies to encourage competition?
Is there any chance that the CRTC could be convinced to do a similar thing with TV transmitters, and make broadcasters rent sub-channels on existing transmitters? Very few Canadian transmitter use any sub-channels. Single channel transmitters seems like a waste of resources, and a possible new income source.
Or maybe even multiple transmitters on the same tower?


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Good post mrvanwinkles and your spot on...……..

Were in the same boat down here in Windsor, we have CBC,TVO,CTV2 but no main CTV or Global.Why doesn't the Canadian broadcasters get with the 21 st century???

Why not add a CBC subchannel of newsworld or CTV2 adding a subchannel of their news channel.???? Wakeup folks tons of OTA and cord cutting...……..

Were also lucky our Detroit and Toledo friends know how to do broadcasting right for their citizens.


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CTV CJOH 6 analog Deseronto. Totally off the air now - mostly - seems.

CTV CJOH TV, ch 6 analog from Deseronto (east of Belleville)

Seems totally OFF THE AIR in Kingston, mostly.

A few recent attempts to receive signal in Kingston, gave absolutely nothing.
Try to tune in just the Audio - to hear the CTV news audio only, on Good radio at 87.75 Mhz FM - nothing.
Seems like totally off the air a lot of the time.

Spotty. Very bad or totally off. Or very very LOW power.

Not receiveable - in any practical way - for all intents and purposes - in Kingston.

CRTC tells me Broadcaster should respond to me in writing some time this month.

Yes, not expecting much if they intend to close the transmitter / as mentioned.

Ottawa has CTV 1 and CTV 2 on a sub channel.
[ and from memory, Ottawa also has: CBC, Global, I think OMNI 1 & 2, and maybe even City TV - OTA with antenna

If you go maybe only 20 or 30 KM north of Kingston, and up in elevation, out of the Lake Ontario / St Lawrence valley / depression/lowlands ...
and put up good antenna on tower ... you may likely begin to pick up Ottawa TV stations, like this one.

Brockville may be able to pick up Ottawa direct. Depends / not sure.

The more powerful FM radio stations from Ottawa, begin to come in on the car, same idea, 20 or 30 km north of Kingston / and around Brockville on the highway 401 a lot of the time.

They don't seem to wanna broadcast. Must be ultra low priority for them.

They probably want a model that gives them Subscriptions.

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Dropped a note to TVO TV-Ontario on their website via their online "Contact Us" form.

re: Lost your OTA signal in Kingston, since Mid 2019, I think, possibly due to frequency conflict now with WPBS 16.x
after WPBS's frequency change to real UHF channel 26, on or around July 29 2019 .

[ And asked them the question ]
TVO - Any plans to complete your frequency change / channel change ? And when ? So I may receive your signal, again as before,
OTA with antenna, in Kingston & region again ?

ref: From Wikipedia, TVO's Belleville repeater transmitter:

CICO-DT-53 Belleville 26.1 26 (UHF) 13 kW 188.6 m 44°18′45″N 77°12′24″W

[ I dunno, maybe should drop a line to the CRTC and local politicians on this issue as well. Encouraging others in the region who may try to watch over the air, with antenna, to do the same.

Frequency conflicts like that - are not good. Should be "fixed". Sooner the better. 6 months delay , not great.
TVO gets funding from Ontario Gov't I did read online. So our tax dollars (Ontario) are going to TVO. So ... they should "get on" that issue. ]

regards, happy new year all. happy OTA watching, soon I hope.

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TVO - TV Ontario - customer relations replys to me:

That on the Belleville Ontario Transmitter:

- that they have lowered their broadcast power on real uhf 26 temporarily
[ due, of course, to the frequency conflict with WPBS that moved to 26 end of July 2019 ]
[ so ... probably something signifigantly less than, the MASSIVE (personal sarcasm) 13 Kilowatts they were putting out previously ? ]

- keep an eye on our website, TVo_Org , and we will post on there when done [ ya thanks ]

- that they plan to do an antenna replacement and move to channel 22 in the Belleville region.
[ but cannot tell me WHEN exactly. Which I have replied and asked "can you give us a general idea when ? like in how many months do you expect ? ]

- Told em to "Get on it" ... cause you are *NOT* receiveable in Kingston and region, at all, you are for all intents and purposes "off the air here", and, I am hearing, you may also be messing up some others reception of WPBS 16.x (real uhf 26 now) with that direct frequency conflict. And, you receive funding from the Province of Ontario, that includes many of us tax payers, so "get on it" and get back to me on these questions please.

- and Kick it up a notch. Increase power. 13 KW is no big transmitter, relatively speaking. Increase power for 1. Receiveability in the Region, and 2. to protect your TURF on that new channel 22, furthur out. to protect your BANDWIDTH on that channel now/ new. So no other nearby broadcaster can mess around in the future.
How about 50 KW ? Or more ... TVO ?

Also, that I may consider to contact CRTC on this issue, and local politicians too, on all these local Kingston and region OTA TV issues...

Cause right now ... for the past several months, Kingston and region, is a HAVE NOT region for OTA TV .

No TVO, no CBC, CTV 6 analog Deseronto also off the air here - for all practical purposes.

These broadcasters all need a big honking WAKE UP CALL for this region.

I suspect / and have heard similar "POOR OTA TV" situations in some other regions of Canada.

come'on ... get on it folks.

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Unfortunately rf22 is a bad choice. That will interfere with Wxxi Rochester right across the lake. They can’t increase power for that reason.
I believe they are operating currently at 6kw new antenna will be 11kw, was 13kw, but will be a little higher up. Personally I’m dreading the day they change.

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TVO replied, that the Belleville transmitter is currently at 3000 W on ch 26, and that they plan to go to ch 22 by March 13, 2020 with 10,900 Watts, for a TEST PERIOD.

They are regulated / directed to do that by CRTC, ISED and FCC.
ISED = Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada

I thanked them for the more detailed reply, asked them if they have any internal plans to try for more power after that.
Understand about being regulated / directed by those regulators, but "don't you have internal strategic plans" for your org?
Pass it on to TVO Upper Management and Tech dept.

Brightonian - if there is conflict with ch 22 WXXI [pbs ?] outta Rochester right across the lake ... then why the heck did they choose that ch ? Dopes. They must know about that . CRTC ISED and FCC must know about that as well.
Should mention to them.

Can you think of a much better free ch in the region they might use ?

Isn't there a free / better ch available ? So they CAN increase power to something more ? Like 25 or 50 kw ?

OMG. There must be some better ch they can settle in on, in the near future, with more power, for the region ...

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response: CTV-CJOH TV 6 (Analog) Deseronto. Bell Media response.

response: CTV-CJOH TV 6 (Analog repeater of Ottawa CJOH) Deseronto transmitter.

Bell Media response to my CRTC on on line comment.

RE: Ongoing very bad reception in Kingston and obvious transmitter problems.

Signal practically unreceivable for months in Kingston. Normally very clear and strong (40 years plus).
Recurring No Audio for long periods of time. Poor Audio. Very noisy audio with loud clicks and pops and buzzes so loud to overpower audio amp, and hurt ears.
Very bad video at times. With bands and noise and rolling picture.
Very weak signal.

Suspected: Way down on power, normally very strong signal in Kingston (40 years plus).
Suspected: Just bad signal feed as well.

So, I have a response in a letter from Bell Media.

Basically, they just say, that their Technical / Engineering dept has assessed the situation, and have taken "substantive" steps to correct the situation, and made improvements to the feed to the transmitter, and have been installing new equipment to improve the feed, and have set up a better back up signal for the feed, resulting in a clean audio/video feed. They will continue to monitor.
Thanked me for my concern, and said not to hesitate to contact them in the future.

I have no idea if any improvement on my reception yet in Kingston. I will have to go try and view and see what I get on my end.

No mention on current power output on that transmitter.

I have no idea yet. Will have to try and tune them in next chance and see what I see.

I wish they would reverse the decision to shut down this re-transmitter for our region.

Instead I wish they would convert it to digital ATSC and keep it going with good power, and give us CTV one and CTV two on a sub channel - rebroadcast of CJOH TV Ottawa, as always.

Same as Ottawa has.

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2nd Response: TVO TV Ontario, Belleville transmitter

TVO Customer Relations, asks their "Technical Dept", and responds 2nd time to my subsequent concerns and questions:

No plans at this time, to increase power beyond their licensed limit of 10,900 Watts on the new real ch 22 after the channel change/ frequency change and test period (mid March 2020 they plan and say).

Channel assignment is by ISED (with FCC). They select most "appropriate" channel based on / considering all factors.

[ so they're just saying they are doing what they are directed to do by "regulators". Not really much of
a strategic TVO company plan ... and perhaps just a convenient response. a brush off. a deflection. typical ...]

So. I figure, if you have concerns or issues, with reception and conflict of frequencies, maybe best to discuss with:

ISED - Innovation Science and Economic Development Canada

FCC - in the U.S. Federal Communications Commission ?

[ and CRTC ? Local Politicians? Industry Canada? not totally sure. ]

Must be some politics involved in all this. Internal and external. Between nations / regulators. Frequency turfs / territories.

[ Why do they decide to take same channel, channel 22 as WXXI pbs across the lake? OMG.
just seems silly to me. Are they doing that "on purpose" ? To discourage cross border reception ? ]
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