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Omage IPRD6.5 in-ceiling speakers

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I have a chance to purchase some Omage InPerforma in-ceiling speakers for my home theatre setup.

There's very little out there on the net about this brand, and almost nothing about this model. I believe the company is Canadian and so I thought I might have some luck posting here to see if anyone's heard anything about them.

Are they decent speakers? I can get 7 (3 angled speakers for L/C/R channels, 4 straight speakers for surround channels) for about $125 each.

Any advice or opinions would be welcome.

Thanks very much,

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Bump as a last resort...

So no one's ever heard of Omage or this particular model? Doesn't give me a good feeling...

Thanks for any information anyone can provide.

Well, despite the distinct lack of information about Omage speakers on the web, I pulled the trigger and got them installed last week.

So, for anyone that is looking for similar information in the future - they sound fine. I'm not a discerning listener so I can't offer an expert opinion, but to my untrained ears, movies, music and games all sound excellent, the sound fills the room and the bass (with an Omage BDD-10 sub) is solid.

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