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The operating manual of many cameras also indicate how many pixels are used for each format, so you can choose based on that, in consideration of what you expect to print or view most.

For example, even though on my Panasonic point/shoot the most pixels are in the 4:3 mode, the 3:2 mode has more horizontal pixels and if I wish to print or view in the 3:2 mode I will have more pixels shooting in that mode, rather than cropping to 3:2 from 4:3. The same holds for 16:9 if that's what I ultimately want. For example, my horizontal resolution is 3456 pixels for 4:3, but 3712 for 16:9, with 3:2 in between.

Of course the number of vertical pixels is less in the wider format, however, if ultimately the wider format is what I want, I'm better shooting in that format than cropping from 4:3 (although there is not a huge difference)

This is only an example from my Panasonic DMC-TZ5 - YMMV. I shoot 3:2 - I'm used to it from film cameras.
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