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I recently picked up a very large, older speaker with 12 speakers in it all together, 9 mids and 3 tweeters. we took it all apart to see what it was made up to find that all the speakers are wired in pairs of three (so if i disconnect one, it will kill connection to the other 2). we noticed that one mid was blown and the three tweeters were not working due to what we think is a bad resistor wired to them. so my first question is, how do i manage to disconnect the blown speaker and save connection with the other two? and 2nd, since each of the 3 tweeters do work (made a direct speaker wire connection to each) the only logical explanation would be an old resistor correct? i would love to atleast have all of them up and running, but my knowledge on resistors is sub par. Thanks Guys. :)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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