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Old EHD on replacement IRD.

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Bell replaced my 6131 under warranty.
I had recordings on my EHD that I would like to view on the new 6131.
I copied the files from both partitions on my EHD to my PC using ext2fsd.
After the new 6131 formatted the drive I copied all of the files from the backed up EHD partition only back to the drive.
The 6131 deleted the files.
I am in the process of recopying the EHD files and also the files from the smaller partition to the drive.
Is this what I should be doing? Are there files on the newly formatted drive that I should not be overwriting?

It takes a couple of hours to copy these files each time. I would like to avoid more trial and error. :)


I know there are a couple of Sticky EHD threads but this question doesn't seem to fit into either of them.
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I've answered my own question.
You do have to copy the files from both partitions back on to the EHD after it's been
formatted by your new Bell receiver.
I've got all of my recorded shows back.
Glad you resolved it but I thought that if BOTH Receivers were on your account, then the new Receiver would just accept the EHD.... Obviously this is not the case, unless Bell took the defective Receiver off your account, before activating the new one...
That's what I assumed too but as soon as I connected the drive the receiver offered to format it.

I just checked my Bell account online and both 6131 receivers are still shown.
Sometimes you just have to shake your head with Bell......
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