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Official: 6120 Thread

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This thread is for 6120 owners only to post observations, questions or notes about the Bell 6120.

The 6120 is the newest HDTV receiver which replaces the ExpressVu 6000.

For more information about this new receiver please read this thread.

This thread is for owners only who'd like to discuss issues with their new receiver or have practical questions about it. Posts asking about where to get it or what's it like will be deleted in order to keep the thread relevant to owners.
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All ExpressVU and Dishnetwork receivers are now cardless for the exception of the 921/9100 HD DVR.

They are now utilizing an "embedded smartcard" technology where the smartcard info is stored on a chip on the mainboard.


Received my 6100 today from ExpressVU direct. In my opinion the quality is superior to the 6000 right off of the bat.

The ability to view SD and HD at the same time with the SD upconversion over component cables is unbeatable. Simply use the +* button to adjust your aspect as you move to channels with sidebars and vice versa; no need to hook up a S-Video cable in my opinion.

The included component video cables are identical to those shipped with the 6000 and are more than adequate in case any people are interested. I tried Monster Premium cables and could notice absolutely no difference.

Like others have noted the receiever does have a door and a card slot but that is not used. The "CAM" revision of the imbedded smartcard is 2C0 and is a Rom 102 which is supposedly the new encription system "nagra 2".

I did a quick scan of local channels using my Silver Sensor antenna without any amplification and right off it pulled in WNED and it's sub channels the HD sub channel was crystal clear.

So far my only beef is the BS that ExpressVU expects us pioneering early adapters of HD to foot the bill for the future and will not allow the HD them pack to be included in any Super 7 or Ultimate 7 package.

My next move I think is to purchase a Winegard "Square Shooter" and see what I can pull in OTA. Anyone have any experience or know of anyone with any experience with this antenna.

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I only use component for SD and HD with my 6000. It automatically adjusts the SD channels to Partial Zoom when in HD mode.

I found the SD quality unacceptable through component on the 6000. i am pretty sre the SD upconversion is much better in the 6100 than in the 6000.


Much, much faster. And you can rip through the guide in a matter of seconds.


I ordered my Square Shooter from I called Winegard and talked to an engineer before I made my purchase. The technology as he explained it to me sounds promising. I will report my results. With a little more tweaking and turning as the Silver Sensor is directional I also pulled in Fox 29 as well.

DishPRO hardware:

Just to let everyone know; the 6100 will owrk with DishPRO lnb and switches but will show up as unknown and will not successfully pass a check switch.

I called ExpressVU and talked to a manager in engineering and she said that although they do collaborate on software with Echostar there is no guarantee that the same compatabilities will be unilateral between the 811 and the 6100.

They are aware that some of us prefer and do use Dishnetwork hardware that ExpressVU does not and they are looking to the future to develop a wider array of compatabities.

I also made them aware that the same 49% bug exists on some OTA channels using the OTA tuner as does on the 811 Dishnetwork receiver.

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The 6100 along with Dishnetwork 811 are still expecting the OpenTV software to be downloaded as well as the search function.


Maybe the next one will work without any audio issues.
I hope the replacement receiver is bug free.
These are all software issues inherent with all receivers so a replacement isn't going to act any differently. Future software upgrades will cure these problems. I can only see one channel in my OTA line up that suffers from the 49% bug.

As for the audio, set it to Dolby Digital/PCM and then perform a receiver reset and that cures it.

There also exists a bug that pops up when leaving your OTA channels and bringing up the guide causing audio loss. This also requires a receiver reboot.

I will tell you what I tell everyone else, if ya think you have problems with the 6100 take a trip over to the Starchoice forum and see all the nightmare threads about the DSR500.

The 6100 is a very stable receiver in my opinion much more so than the 6000 was in it's inception. The problems that exist are minor and will be worked out.


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The 6100 8VSB tuner is for tuning in analog as well as HD OTA stations.

See my review of the Winegard Square Shooter antenna in the High Definition forum as to what digital HD/SD channels I receive.


that's lame, even the base 3100 has a search function
A search function that it just received not to long ago after a few years of being on the shelves.


Yes you can choose to output everything to 480P to a standard definition TV as long as your TV has S-video or component inputs.

Mark Oliver,

1) Does not come with a DVI cable, comes with the same nice component cable the 6000 came with.

2) In regards to HDMI it will transmit video only and audio will still be transmitted via toslink.

Mark Oliver,

Yes, the backgroud is now pink with purple poke-a-dots and the text is lime green. :)

Dish 811 Fix,

Dishnetwork is apparently spooling P269 software for the 811.


1) Dark video is now fixed.

2) Added SD video zoom features ---> press Page Up for HD zoom options and Page Down for SD zoom options. The annoying box that pops up when pressing the * button is to get people to use the above feature instead.

3) 49% bug is fixed for OTA reception.

4) Recall button from OTA to satellite is fixed.

5) Addition of OpenTV options.

This is good news for us ExpressVu users as well. Once ExpressVU adapts the software for the 6100 we will receive it as well. I would expect it sometime in September after they beta test it.

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Yes, they did send an upgrade. Mine is now at E471 as opposed to I believe it was E476 or something like that.

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