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Official: 6120 Thread

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This thread is for 6120 owners only to post observations, questions or notes about the Bell 6120.

The 6120 is the newest HDTV receiver which replaces the ExpressVu 6000.

For more information about this new receiver please read this thread.

This thread is for owners only who'd like to discuss issues with their new receiver or have practical questions about it. Posts asking about where to get it or what's it like will be deleted in order to keep the thread relevant to owners.
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Yes the new models are now card less and come with intergrated chips to replace them.
"Does it still have the slot for a card behind a door on the front panel?"

No slot anywhere on the unit for a Data Card.
Recieved my Model 6100 + 20" Upgrade Kit from Bell via Express Post to BC. Im using this receiver with a Toshiba TN50X81 4:3 HDTV, with Monster Video 2 HDTV cables and Monster Optical Cables. The 6100 is being routed through an 1154 A/V Component Switcher.

Everything works great so far. Here is a list of cool things i like about it.

Banner Browser / Interactive TV Guide
- Very fast Banner Browser search

- Very fast Interactive Guide(IG) page up/down search

- The IG can have an Picture-In-Picture(PIP) of the show youre watching or go full screen without the PIP

- Zero wait for show stats when using the INFO button in the IG

- Can search ahead in the IG for 2 days, without having to access the satellites for more info

HDTV Setup Options
- Over-The-Air HD channel access built in

- 2 prefrences for 4:3 HDTV output, 1 for 16:9 HDTV output

- A variety of Aspect Ratio controls for each preference

- Stretch, Partial Zoom, Full Zoom, Letterbox(Black Bars), Letterbox(Grey Bars), Normal

- DVI or Component outputs

- Stretch and zoom modes on Standard Definition(SD) outputs (like Composite and S-Video) with an HD channel

- SD shows are upconverted to 1080i on the HD channels. Giving them a slighly sharper and more colorfull PQ


There was about 6 real HD shows and 4 pay-per-view movies in HD from the 23 HD channels i have access to last night. Some shows repeated a few times throughout the night.

Some shows looked great, especially HD-Soundstage on PBS. Sheryl Crow in a small venue was excellent. Had the best video clarity and the best DD5.1 surround quality of the night.

Steven Kings Hospital mini-series had excellent DD 5.1 surround, as good as any movie ive ever heard on DVD. The video was very clear but dark.

I found that the best HDTV setup for PQ is the Stretch mode in 4:3 preference #2. Though it crops the picture to full screen.

Letterbox in preference #2 is a great widescreen look, but some motion artifacts can be seen. Example on Jay Leno last night, his striped shirt would blur slightly whenever he moved rapidly. This occured only on this show and did not happen in Stretch mode.

Its not so much that HD looks eye popping great, as much as the SD channels now look bland/blurry.

Well hope someone can get a few answers from this, especially people who still own 4:3 HDTV.

EDIT: Add A/V Switcher ability

The 6100 also has two composite inputs in the back for either a VCR or Video Game Console or whatever. They can be used like an A/V Switcher.

By going to channel 000, u can get the "Back Panel Display Inputs" options. This acts exactly like an A/V Switcher for whatever u hook up to the back of the 6100.

When choosing one of these Inputs it bypass's the regular Satellite tv and displays/plays whichever Input u pick through the DVI/Component/Optical Outputs
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Im using an Optical cable for the sound on my 6100 and have had no problems. Does your Surround Receiver have an Auto Format Mode ? This allows it to change to any signal coming in on the fly.

As for your ITV issue. Have u subscibed to this channel in your package?
There r a variety of different packages for the ITV button (Channel 275), this channel/button only works if u have subscribed to at least one ITV package.

ITV Choices
The HD/SD button is for use when u setup the 6100 remote to run your own TV. Program your remote using Device Codes on page 4-17 and 4-18.

Pressing this button then rotates through the inputs on your TV.
My TV has these inputs

TV (Coax)
Video 1 (S-Video)
Video 2
Video 3
Colorstream HD 1 (Component)
Colorstream HD 2

The HD and SD logos attached to the Banner Browser r to show u what Aspect Ratio they r currently in.

When watching an HD channel through an Component or DVI Input, as mentioned, u can change the Aspect Ratio by pressing on either the * (Format) button or the Page Up button when there is no Banner or Guide showing.

When watching an HD channel through an S-Video Input or less, u can change the Aspect Ratio of the SD logo under the top Banner. Either Full Zoom (Go Full Screen) or Normal (Leave in original Letterbox or Widescreen). Change Aspect Ratios with an SD Input on an HD channel with either the * button or the Page Down button.

"Received my replacement 6100, still have the same toslink issue. Can only get sound in PCM mode. I guess I need to wait for a software update" - rickhd

This is not a 6100 issue, your receiver is either not setup fully or damaged. Perhaps your Optical cable is damaged?

And no Rick i would not go back to an older model. Just for the iG alone. :)
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A couple of minor bugs i have found r...

When using the Banner Browser, pressing Cancel causes the picture and sound to freeze for a fraction of a second, then the screen goes black for a fraction of a second then comes back on.

Very rare, only had this happen a few times, but when going to another channel (usually an HD) using the Banner Browser, there is no Audio on the channel. Pressing the Up or Down channel buttons once, then back again fixes this.

Both very minor problems.
Hey Rick

Where exactly is your 6100s Optical Cable plugged into on your Receiver?

What is the Input called on the back of your Receiever, also what is the make/ model/year ?
Yes u can use the 6100 on a regular TV via Composite, S-Video or Component Outputs.

Yes it happens to me occasionally Diamond, but it could be any channels. I e-mailed Bell 2 weeks ago to mention this problem. They replyed that they were sorry i was experiancing problems, and that i should call their customer service, so they could go over it with me step by step.

As well as when in the Banner Browser and u press cancel, most of the time the picture and audio freeze for a fraction of a second and then goes black for a fraction of a second, then its fine.

Does that happen to u guys as well?
"2) Added SD video zoom features ---> press Page Up for HD zoom options and Page Down for SD zoom options. The annoying box that pops up when pressing the * button is to get people to use the above feature instead."

U can already do this on the 6100, i tryed it back at the end of June when i first got it.

U have to be using an Composite or S-Video Input on your TV. Then put on any HD Channel. U can now use the SD Zoom options via the Format button or the Page Down button.
Please read this entire thread. These questions have already been answered.
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