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Official: 6120 Thread

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This thread is for 6120 owners only to post observations, questions or notes about the Bell 6120.

The 6120 is the newest HDTV receiver which replaces the ExpressVu 6000.

For more information about this new receiver please read this thread.

This thread is for owners only who'd like to discuss issues with their new receiver or have practical questions about it. Posts asking about where to get it or what's it like will be deleted in order to keep the thread relevant to owners.
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My new 6120

Well I hooked up the new 6120 today and on first observations I,m pleasantly surprised. I have it hooked thru DVI to my Toshiba 57HDX82,and audio is routed thru an Anthem AVM20 pre/pro.

My television has been ISF calibrated (which greatly helps btw.) and first I tuned to the HD channels. The picture to me anyways seemed overall better than previously with component not eyepopping differences but subtle.

Regular digital stations on my set anyways were noticibly clearer.
Than I scanned for my ota stuff and picked up all my Buffalo stations plus Toronto 1 from Hamilton transmitter. Heres where I noticed the biggest difference. Most of these stations almost look Hidef,the only difference was the sidebars.

I was very pleased in that respect,but as of this post none of the stations show any programme info. The guide is obviously better than the 6000 was and you dont lose audio and video in guide mode.

It was very simple to setup, and easy to move around in. All in all I,m very happy with the 6120 so far. The DVI cable I use is a Belkin 10' dual link cable and is working fine so far,purchased at Future Shop.

Well gotta go and play around some more :)


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All the Buffalo stations are hd with UPN and WNLO supposedly going later
this year. Yes the hd stations look very good.

There is no info in the guide yet for locals. It is supposed to be rectified in the next firmware upgrade,but do not know a date as of yet.
Benhaze said:
Can someone please tell me if you need to subscribe to Bell to get OTA with the 6120? I remember reading that this was the case when you are south of the border, though I don't remember if it was with Direct TV or Dish Network... I'm curious because I would like to factor in the OTA capability vs. this receiver's price should I decide to upgrade... Thanks!
According to my 6100 manual it says under setting up to receive off-air broadcasts with the 8VSB tuner that this input connection can only be used when your receiver is activated with qualifying Bell Expressvu programming.

Hope this helps:

rickhd said:
So overall is everyone happy with the 6100 or would you go back to a 6000?
Not a chance :)
Not a chance you'd go back, or not a chance you'd go back?

Not a chance I would go back to the 6000 :)
1 - 5 of 496 Posts
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