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Official: 6120 Thread

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This thread is for 6120 owners only to post observations, questions or notes about the Bell 6120.

The 6120 is the newest HDTV receiver which replaces the ExpressVu 6000.

For more information about this new receiver please read this thread.

This thread is for owners only who'd like to discuss issues with their new receiver or have practical questions about it. Posts asking about where to get it or what's it like will be deleted in order to keep the thread relevant to owners.
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Re: My new 6120

BLT said:
Well I hooked up the new 6120 today ... I scanned for my ota stuff and picked up all my Buffalo stations plus Toronto 1 from Hamilton transmitter. Heres where I noticed the biggest difference. Most of these stations almost look Hidef,the only difference was the sidebars.

Can you ellaborate further on your OTA HD reception please. You say that most of the stations look almost HiDef - how are the hidef ones?

Are you still not seeing any of their programming info in the guide?
BLT said:
All the Buffalo stations are hd with UPN and WNLO supposedly going later this year. Yes the hd stations look very good.

There is no info in the guide yet for locals. It is supposed to be rectified in the next firmware upgrade,but do not know a date as of yet.
As a certain MR Burns might say. "Excellenttttt"
Re: Expressvu 6100

camchu said:
Hooked up my 6100 last night and everything works like a charm. The one thing I couldn't figure out was how to get the receiver into SD mode. The remote has a HD/SD button but it does not appear to work. Called Expressvu and spent an hour on the phone to find out they didn't know either. Anybody have any experience in this area yet. When you push the info button, on the screen appears the HD and the SD logos, with the receiver on the HD logo along with the aspect ratio that you have chosen. The SD logo is unchecked with aspect ratio of normal.
I was looking at this too and I think the HD / SD "logo" you are seeing is intended to show you what mode the incoming signal is in (when you first engage that channel) and it doesn't behave in a consistent manner. You'll see this if you go from a HD channel to and SD one the "highlight" may or may not still show HD. I just ignore it and if need be use the * button to change the zoom mode.
Low Audio levels

Anybody else notice that the audio level coming from the 6100 is low. I have a 400 watt audio system (no TOSlink) and I pretty much have this cranked to max to get 'loud' volume out of this system. Is there some way to boost it?
1 - 4 of 496 Posts
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