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Official: 6120 Thread

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This thread is for 6120 owners only to post observations, questions or notes about the Bell 6120.

The 6120 is the newest HDTV receiver which replaces the ExpressVu 6000.

For more information about this new receiver please read this thread.

This thread is for owners only who'd like to discuss issues with their new receiver or have practical questions about it. Posts asking about where to get it or what's it like will be deleted in order to keep the thread relevant to owners.
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SatGuru said:
The ability to view SD and HD at the same time with the SD upconversion over component cables is unbeatable. Simply use the +* button to adjust your aspect as you move to channels with sidebars and vice versa; no need to hook up a S-Video cable in my opinion.

I only use component for SD and HD with my 6000. It automatically adjusts the SD channels to Partial Zoom when in HD mode.
I'll have to check out the S-Video and do a comparison. Enjoy your new 6100!
The 6120 comes with the foot, the mast and all the bolts. I would call Bell and tell them you want a new dish since he scratched yours up.
Dish sent new firmware for the 811 in August that brightened up the S-video. So BEV can fix it if they want to.
1 - 4 of 496 Posts
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