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Nuance speakers

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A sales guy tried to sell my step dad a full 7.1 setup of Nuance speakers.... They didn't sound all that great but he went on and on about them.

My step-dad is looking for a system for his summer home, he's running Wilson Pups and MacIntosh Amp and Receiver at our house. (Don't ask where the money comes from) So he really knows what sounds great and has the disposable income for some decent speakers. I told him to stay away from Nuance, they sounded very strange and I couldn't find any info anywhere on the internet.

What do you folks think? And what do you recommend?
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I bought a Nuance 7.1 setup back in 02 at the infamous West Ed international Stereo. I sent an n-200 sub amp in to be repaired 14 months ago and never got it back. I had been emailing back and forth with George Baker himself. He told me to send it on in and they would fix it and return it free of charge. BS. I contacted him at monthly intervals asking about the progress. His replies were short and cryptic, some not making much sense at all. After about 6 months I started emailing all the addresses on the company website (while it still existed) and got a reply from some guy named Mario Thibault who gave me George Bakers personal cell number. I called and talked to him a few times and he assured me it would be sent back shortly. BS. I finally left a voicemail for him at about the 1 year mark that expressed my belief that he was a piece of fecal matter. I've all but given up hope now, ill likely get a piece of plexy or wood to cover the gapping whole in the back of the speaker where the amp used to attach. Since all this started the amp has gone to crap in the other tower so I went out and bought a stand alone sub, Polk audio, might not be the best, but it was on sale for half price on Future Shops website. During my talks with Mr. Fecal Matter Baker he told me they were opening new stores in Edmonton. One at 118ave and 95st, the other at 95st and Argyll. Not sure what they are called (I live an hour away) but if they sell anything that is Nuance or made by the same people... BUYERS BEWARE! Crappy customer service. I can only wish I would have researched the speaker purchase before I jumped in, I can assure you I would not have bought Nuance.

PS- If anyone wants to give George Baker a call, here's his cell number 1(647) 999-7517. Tell him what you think of Nuance (Garbage) Audio, and that I say hi.
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Well.... I did not about that.... No wonder when I called his cell phone this morning, to leave another nasty message, the mailbox was full. Kinda feel bad now.... Oh Well! Off to get some plexi glass tomorrow. Unless I can find someone who has a busted, or good n200 amp modual to fill the hole....
Went on the BBB site and put in nuance, markham, ontario. It basically said they have already sent many complaints to them but all mail was returned. Im pretty sure im S.O.L.
Maybe Ill try calling tomorrow. Nighty Night.
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