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Nuance speakers

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A sales guy tried to sell my step dad a full 7.1 setup of Nuance speakers.... They didn't sound all that great but he went on and on about them.

My step-dad is looking for a system for his summer home, he's running Wilson Pups and MacIntosh Amp and Receiver at our house. (Don't ask where the money comes from) So he really knows what sounds great and has the disposable income for some decent speakers. I told him to stay away from Nuance, they sounded very strange and I couldn't find any info anywhere on the internet.

What do you folks think? And what do you recommend?
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wow, seeing as others have dredge up this old thread, i bought a pair of nuance speakers in 1991 for fronts before surround sound was da schizzle:) i can't remember the model number but they are a large bookshelf type speaker..i'd say 2.5 ft tall, 14 inch wide, 12 inch deep sort of thing? still are in service as my front speakers and still sound great to my ears. can't speak to how new ones sound, didn't even know these were still being made..but when they first came out, they were the studio reference speakers for warner's sound studio and i believe universal picked them up as well. for their size, they are damn heavy:)
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