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Nuance speakers

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A sales guy tried to sell my step dad a full 7.1 setup of Nuance speakers.... They didn't sound all that great but he went on and on about them.

My step-dad is looking for a system for his summer home, he's running Wilson Pups and MacIntosh Amp and Receiver at our house. (Don't ask where the money comes from) So he really knows what sounds great and has the disposable income for some decent speakers. I told him to stay away from Nuance, they sounded very strange and I couldn't find any info anywhere on the internet.

What do you folks think? And what do you recommend?
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Nuance sats

Not knowing Nuance from the speakers of Adam, I bought a pair of Sat1 speakers from a friend...originally just for the stands to put in my guest room. Then I took them home and tried them out next to my Monitor Audio PMCs with the classic gold tweets. Now, keep in mind, there is nothing online for these things (aka Bose sales strategy). Then you start to hear about the poor suckers who spent like $7-15K or more for an HT set. Scary. Anyway, there's a lot of passionate "stay away" talk, like a real distain. I'd have to say, yes, maybe because of the encoded CDs and the sales pressure scam tactics. But that's process, not product. So what about these products anyway. Well, tell tale signs of cheapness are the single binding posts. I also can't see how the foam rim around the dome tweeters helps on the sound stage dispersion end if things...anyway, sound, the illusion of sound, how is that? Well, there is a slight "plastic" sound to them, they have lower sensitivity and what are you going to get in bass from a smallish sealed enclosure like that? All in all though, and much to my amazement, they held their own next to the classic monitor audios. They have some real soundstage and there's good articulation without the harshness. All in all, though, I would equate these speakers to a good set of Missions or PSBs...Says a lot since I've demoed B&W, Bostons, NHTs and was not as thrilled. Anyway, to all the brutal Canadian critics out there, I'd say, if they sound good, and you like the sound and are willing to pay whatever for them...that's what its all about. Where are these little lacquer boxes now? ...they made my bedroom over my bose jewels which got kitchen duty.
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