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Nuance speakers

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A sales guy tried to sell my step dad a full 7.1 setup of Nuance speakers.... They didn't sound all that great but he went on and on about them.

My step-dad is looking for a system for his summer home, he's running Wilson Pups and MacIntosh Amp and Receiver at our house. (Don't ask where the money comes from) So he really knows what sounds great and has the disposable income for some decent speakers. I told him to stay away from Nuance, they sounded very strange and I couldn't find any info anywhere on the internet.

What do you folks think? And what do you recommend?
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Do Nuance dealerships allow you the option of getting your cash back if you aren't satisfied - for example if you bought Nuance speakers from dealer #1 and Feces brand speakers from dealer #2 and liked the Feces better?
I'm sure that if anyone did a objective comparison between Nuance and Feces at their own home, they would pick Feces as their preference.

I'd hate to be stuck with Feces in my theater room but I'd dislike it even more if I had to keep the Nuance speakers.

I wouldn't feel too bad - 61 is indeed too young to pass, he was involved with some good products prior to Nuance, and did certainly make a name for himself.

Who knows, he might have been a stellar father... or a great little league coach that we don't know about - but he was a crappy speaker company CEO at one point in his life too.

I used to frequent Krazy Krazy's back in the late 80's, early 90's.

When I bought my first AV receiver (a Kenwood VR-309), Krazy's wouldn't give me the time of day, so I never went back again, bought it from Visions, and all subsequent purchases from JohnnyG (Next Big Thing Electronics) in Mississauga. (aside from my Paradigms, they came from Selkirk. (Blaine's records)).

Was the KK sales dude/Nuance rep named Gary
Nuance three-ways would hardly be classified as a competitive three way at the very best.

Electrolytic caps in the crossovers, as well as iron slug core inductors...
I wouldn't....
everybody I know who got rooked into buying Nuance Speakers still has them, or has had them "stolen".
wasn't that retailer Krazy - .....?

They tried to "Nuance" me too - 'even went so far as to push a finger through the cone of a midrange.
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