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Youtube is a moving target for software DLNA servers. So is internet radio. I have Twonky Media Server working with limited access to some of Youtube. The software will not update the content lists. Or let me set my own links to radio stations like So I do not think I will purchase a copy.

On Linux (MediaTomb) radio and Youtube did work but is out of range again because of changes to the online internet server request schemes. However the content does go figure. It just returns a 404 to the tv requests however because of re-routing from origin. Though I am sure there is a way to halt the request change and wait for the stream! Just I do not know enough xml programming ...yet. Fortunately with Linux at least I get to see the source and modify it if I can.

PS3 media server does not work with my setup (a Samsung Allshare DLNA TV) though it will stream local files from my harddrives just fine.

WMP is a write off for online streaming content and will only stream WMV and WMA ...rather hit and miss at the best of times. It will not stream external content to a Samsung.

The Windows only software from Samsung is a fails and drops out constantly delivering mpeg from my harddrive. No software that I have run under Windows will stream higher bit rate worth beans.

However MediaTomb has no drop issues serving mpeg dolby 5.1 through wireless to a router and then by cat5 to the TV. So as usual Linux makes a better server for routing streaming data. And this is with an old a/b/g IBM T42 Laptop!

DLNA and Upnp have been around for a long time you would think that things would be a little more user friendly by now.

If anyone has any knowledge of how to set up a full service working DLNA server for either Windows or Linux please enlighten me. My Samsung TV will do everything with dlna except avchd, .wave and ogg.

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Not blaming just grousing looking for coders.....

so your blaming youtube and internet radio streams for changing there links on a media transport spec? seems like your issue is more with the programs making the dlna connections then the spec itself.
No I am not blaming youtube or the way internet radio is streamed. If I take apart an m3u I see how it works and how it uses a pattern of servers. For instance the German version of the radio station that I linked to is reached through this m3u configuration:

If you save the group as a text file then re-label it SwissRadioClassic.m3u it will work with VLC or whatever...heck it might even work with the WiMP (Windows Media Player) on Windows for that matter!

this playlist configuration is what the server chokes on.

If I map m3u to mpeg/audio then in theory because I have the media server set up to accept url it should use dd to send the stream to the client directly. All and all a bit of kludge to trick the transcode engine into using a call to dd but it did work at one time with this xml <mapping> configuration direction

<map from="m3u" to="audio/mpeg"/>

this created transcode profile

<transcoding enabled="yes">
<transcode mimetype="audio/mpeg" using="streammp3"/>
<profile name="streammp3" enabled="yes" type="external">
<agent command="dd" arguments="if=%in of=%out"/>
<buffer size="600000" chunk-size="10000" fill-size="32000"/>

What I am having trouble with is server time outs and working http get
with the correct settings to make internet radio stream through my wifi dlna server.

I suspect the problem lies in the way the Samsung Allshare needs to see this particular configuration but I am not sure:


Of course all of this is specific to the xml configuration of MediaTomb but most of it is copied and configured from DLNA specs at which the Samsung Allshare uses.

I know this is different in the PS3 and many other devices so Allshare might require a completely different mimetype name than devices that are known to work with internet radio streams like the PS3.

What's maddening about this is that is almost like the old document format wars all over again and we know who won that one!

Essentially the Samsung has to be tricked into thinking an m3u is an mp3 and waiting for the server to respond. I suspect this is what Twonky does.
Perhaps if I tweak the right locs in the core source files of Mediatomb I might be able to stretch the wait times and response... without creating a FrankenServer. Thank heavens it does not do Flash!

I have never been able to have this to work under Windows but know that it is possible with the Samsung DLNA AllShare. Same with youtube streams.

I imagine someone out there has already done it as commercial software like Twonky does work with the Samsung Linux BusyBox based Allshare firmware.

Just wondering if there is anybody on this forum working on DLNA software configuration.:eek:
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