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Howdy, I'm a complete noobie so please bear with me. I have an LG HTIAB (HT904SA) but I'd like to replace the speakers it came with some in-walls. I'm hoping this is a really simple question-- the manual for the receiver states the following:

Stereo mode: 155 W + 155W (4 ohms at 1kHzm THD 10%)
Surround mode Front: 155 W + 155 W (THD 10 %)
Center: 155W
Surround: 155 W + 155 W (4 ohms at 1 kHz, THD 10 %)
Subwoofer: 225 W (3ohm at 30 Hz, THD 10 %)

Front/Rear: 155W rated/ 310W max 4ohm
center: 155W rated/ 310W max 4ohm
passive subwoofer: 225W rated/ 450W max 3 ohm

So my question is if I was to purchase 4 speakers with the following specs:
60W Nomimal and 100W Maximum Power Capacity
8 Ohms Standard Impediance

Would I break my meager HT? ;)

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The power output of the amplifiers will drop with 8 ohm speakers. The maximum output will be about 40w per channel instead of 155w. I would take that 155w figure with a grain of salt. The usable power output is probably lower. It won't break the HT but usable volume levels will be significantly reduced. It might be better to sell the HTIB as is and use the money for a better A/V receiver. It's best to use a receiver with more power per channel than the speakers. An amp that has too little power is more likely to damage speakers than one with extra power to spare. Mismatched impedance is more likely to damage the amplifier. HTIB receivers and speakers don't usually work well with discreet A/V components such as other receivers and speakers.
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