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Nokia scored a hat-trick today with the announcement of three new Nokia N series models: the Nokia N96 (North American Edition), the Nokia N85, and the Nokia N79. Keeping with the family, the trio of Symbian smartphones offer high-end multimedia features, such as a 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and work with Nokia's Ovi Internet services, which include the N-Gage gaming platform, photo sharing, and Nokia Maps. All handsets are expected to ship in Q4 and will be sold as unlocked phones (you know what that means--save your pennies now because they won't be cheap).
From CNET which also details more info about each phone.

And the following is one bloggers take on the new offerings

Nokia used to market its new phones as part of a "Revolution" of new devices that would change the cell phone industry and the world. Its latest offerings, the N79, N85, and N96, should be branded the "evolution" instead - they are bland and boring.
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