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I've seen some strange editing of movies for Television, but I think the folks at YTV outdid themselves when they somehow managed to get their hands on an edited version of Sydney White (a movie starring Amanda Bynes) that edited out the audio portion that mentions that there is no Santa Claus (they even deleted the subtitles for that part). It was shown a few days ago from 8pm ET to 10pm ET (the scene occurs around the 65 minute mark of the actual movie).

Plus, though some potentially (slightly) offensive language was "correctly" edited out, there were still some words that were left in that I'm not sure I can even post here without offending someone (or having little kiddies ask their parents what the words meant).

YTV is primarily geared towards kids, so although I can understand the reasoning for protecting the supposed existence of Santa Claus, I'm more shocked by the fact that there's apparently a Santa-friendly version of Sydney White in existence (assuming of course that YTV wouldn't have chosen to protect Santa Claus on its own).

What makes the editing of the No-Santa-Claus portion even more foolish is that the part that follows the edited portion, actually tries to discount the "dangerous" statement by saying that it was only a hypothetical statement and that of course everybody knows that there really is a Santa Claus. That part of the "Santa" scene was shown unedited, and was the only reason that I was able to figure out what I had just witnessed.

I suppose that since the word "hypothetically" isn't part of the average kid's vocabulary, the Santa censors had to trim a little fat to make sure that the kiddies weren't traumatized by a possible misunderstanding that might force their parents into another uncomfortable situation defending the existence of Santa Claus.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ... at least hypothetically speaking, anyway. :eek:

Here's the actual dialogue from the DVD version:
[The bolded dialogue is the part that was edited out of the TV version]

Sydney (played by Amanda Bynes): “Aww it’s like he just found out there’s no Santa Claus!

George (a dumb teenager who looks like his heart just stopped): “WHAT?”

Sydney: “Oh…I mean you know, like hypothetically speaking if there WEREN’T a Santa Claus, which of COURSE there IS."

George: [Smiles and chews his sandwich.]
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