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No LFE on HD channels?

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Hello, I recently switched to MTS ultimate tv from Shaw and I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be the .1 audio on the HD channels. I have my set top box set to surround and it's connected via the optical digital out. I'm getting surround from centre channel, front speakers and surround speakers, but I'm not getting anything from my subwoofer.
Has anyone else experienced this?
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My Sub-woofer is working well. I can feel my sub when watching movies in HD
No problems with my sub on MTS tv either, she pounds pretty good while watching tv. I'll verify tonight that I'm actually getting an LFE signal into receiver.
I would need to do some checking but am fairly sure by sub is going too as the NBC HD feed seems to have their audio mixed differently than the other channels and it over emphasises the low end.
After a bit more time with the service I've noticed that it's a channel specific issue. CBC-HD (ch 421) has no LFE signal. A couple of other HD channels don't either.
Is anyone getting an LFE signal on CBC-HD?
Depends on the programme. I've found that CTV 11PM news in Toronto is DD5.0.
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