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No ALCS in Vancouver?

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I cannot find the game on any of the RSN channels in Vancouver. What is up with that? RSN has a half dozen channels, including the new RSN1 and they cannot figure out how to get the game out to us? Pathetic.
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They were also available in HD with Bell. But the point is they were not available in HD with Shaw Cable. And they were available in SD only if you had digital Shaw Cable service. Maybe the fault of Shaw, but it just shows that Rogers did not really need SN1 when they couldn't even provide MLB with SNP or SNO. Now at least they are using the companion HD channel to show the Canucks game on Tuesday so that all 4 regional HD/SD channels can carry MLB--which, according to others on this forum, Roger's contract with MLB stipulates.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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