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NHL Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket on Optik TV

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I don't understand what the problem is. I don't really know much about the TV industry, but you would think that Telus would want NHL Center Ice considering the high demand for it from the viewers.

Why is NHL CI not on Telus, and do you see it ever coming to Telus TV?

I'm a huge hockey fan, and would like NHL CI... but unfortuantely, Telus doesn't carry it... only Telus Satellite does. :(
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tv providers usually require a min number of subscribers before they can obtain things like sunday ticket and centre ice. telus sat basically piggybacks off of bell..

as for centre ice coming to optik? hmmm

***telus employee, my views are all my own***
Does Telus not have enough subscribers?

I'm still on the old system... so right now I don't have Optik or Satellite.
This is what holds me back from trying telus tv again. I'm a wings fan, and the only way I can catch most of the games is on centre ice.
Is Sportsnet One and NHL Center Ice going to be added to Optik TV?
i second that. if optik offered NHLCI i would change in a heartbeat. I know in Canada you don't have many options, but I hate giving shaw my money every month, but i hate bell more.
I called Telus today, and the guy told me that Sportsnet One will definitely be added to Telus TV. He said the negotiations are taking place, and the only thing they don't know is if it'll be on Telus the day of its launch.

As for CI, he said he has no clue about it. I told him to pass my message to the personnel in charge of this and he said he would.

We all have to make a collective effort and tell them to add NHL CI on Optik.
Looks promising

I've heard from a reliable source that Telus will be carrying NHL Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket on Optik TV this season.
Dr Dave

I heard the same information that TELUS OPTIK TV would be launching NHL Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket this fall. That said....time is ticking for NFL ordering...they need to update websites, etc.

Once they officially announce first call is to order...second call to cancel Shaw!
I'm so ECSTATIC!!!! This is awesome!!! I can't believe I'll be able to watch all the Sens games.

Thank you so much for the good news, and I hope it does start from this season.

EDIT: Called in Telus again and she sounded very optimistic. She said that they have received a lot of calls about NHL CI and has been passed down to the manager. She said they're awaiting answer, and call back on the weekend and they should have a response to it. Looking good!!! :)

Also, if NHL CI comes to Telus, it won't just be Optik. It'll be available to people on the Old system like me.... but I'm thinking about upgrading to Optik.
I posted in the new channel thread, but I'll post it here as well;

NFL Sunday ticket is now available for Optik customers.

-Telus Employee
Yes, I did talk to a CSR yesterday and he confirmed that as well even though I was asking for NHL CI about which he replied saying, "Not yet".
NFL Sunday Ticket™ offers NFL fans fun, excitement and incredible value.

Catch up to 14 different LIVE NFL games every Sunday, all in HD. Plus, enjoy a special pregame show. Available on Optik TV.

Just 4 payments of $49.75. To order, call 310-MYTV (310-6988).

SD Channels:
1018 - 1031 HD Channels:
1032 - 1045
I posted it in the other thread as well.

Enjoy Early Bird pricing of $39.95* per month for four months
That's $40 difference after the four payments. Why? I hope the same is not done with NHLCI.
Hopefully TELUS has an early bird price like this Shaw price, the asterisk on the Shaw price is:

*Price increases to $49.95 per month for four months after September 6, 2010. Must subscribe to full NFL Sunday Ticket season (four months). Offer subject to change without notice. Shaw products and services are subject to Terms of Service as occasionally amended. All NFL Sunday Ticket™ games are afternoon games scheduled on Eastern Standard Time (EST). Sunday evening games are not included. “NFL,” the NFL Shield™ and NFL Sunday Ticket™ are registered trademarks of the National Football League and its affiliates. Conditions may apply. **To view in HD, compatible Shaw HD hardware and HD-capable television are required.
Yeah.. I realize that Shaw has the Early Bird Price, but shouldn't Telus as well? As of now, they don't and I don't see how they will after posting that on their website. Telus should get quite a lot of complaints on this (I hope) and hopefully, it doesn't happen with NHL CI.
DAMAN, could you provide the link for where you found that Sunday Ticket promo on the Telus site? Thanks.
The NFL info wasn't easy to find. It's in the Client Zone on the right hand side.
I've talked to a few customers who have gotten the "shaw" deal from telus.

Telus will generally match most shaw deals.

-Telus employee
The CSR I talked to said "No". She sounded so firm on her decision. I told her about Shaw, and she replied saying that it doesn't matter what the other company offers. I didn't want to buy NFL ST, but I was just seeing if they would budge. Hopefully, NHL CI is $207.80 otherwise Telus better get ready to listen to customers' complaints.
the lady i am talking to on the phone with telus right now just told me nhlci is available on optik...

oh, now she thinks she was looking at nFl... great.

aaaaand yes, it's the nfl sunday ticket.

could think she was thinking outloud, else i would have probably proceeded with order, unknowingly.
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