Rogers announced today their new TV and home entertainment solution, called NextBox 2.0. The new offering essentially consists of three new feature sets:

* Whole Home PVR: Exactly as it sounds, this allows you to watch anything you have recorded on your PVR  on any other TV with a NextBox HD terminal. The rise in customers looking for a PVR solution has been over 40% in the last couple of years amongst Rogers users.

* Live TV: This lets you stream 22 channels (this channel list is expected to grow as Rogers negotiates deals with additional content providers) to your tablet (Android or iOS), allowing you to watch from anywhere you have WiFi in your home. This is not a stand alone service, you need to be subscribed to a Rogers NextBox package.

* New Interactive Program Guide: This program guide boasts quicker loading times, more intuitive search results, and graphics (DVD cover art for example) when going through Rogers on Demand options, trying to replicate the traditionally video store rental experience.

The Cisco HD PVR's and HD Terminals that Rogers has been using for over the last 18 months (according to Rogers there are already more than 300,000 being used by existing clients) will work with the new service, so if you are interested in the service you can either call Rogers or use their website, the plans are here .

A couple of things we noticed, the pricing is different as it includes TV and Internet, so you will likely need to really break down you bill and take the time to compare features to see what you really need if you are going to upgrade. Most important to us, the service uses the existing digital cable infrastructure for TV, meaning watching TV while going on the Internet should not impact your experience with either.

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